Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Decision-Making is the New Black

In two days, I begin the month-long torture session known as NaBloPoMo (See the icon on the side of my blog? Yes, that one.) where I have to write at least one blog entry EVERY DAY. Eek.

So in honor of NaBloPoMo, I am making some decisions around here about my blog. But before the decisions, there were the revelations. Kind of like the Bible, but with less brimstone and begatting.

REVELATIONS, Brought to you by the Cheap Chick:
1. The creators of NaBloPoMo recommend you pick a theme for your blog for the month. So I’m getting on that.
2. I resolved to make my blog more useful and user-friendly.
3. I had a lengthy discussion with my friend Larue on how to BE more useful and user-friendly. The Revelation of Larue? Be less Minnesota-centered in what I write about. Think nationally, blog globally and all that.
4. I read an awesome article in my new favorite magazine about shopping at chain stores (The Gap, Express, etc.) to save on fashion. Which doesn’t seem like much of a revelation, more of a “that’s what I already do, you pretentious bitch” confession, right? But give the author credit – chain stores are the equivalent of death to fashion writers, so admitting to shopping at them took guts.

Thus, after these four things were revealed to me, I got to the decision making. So here they are! Decisions! Which led to these Announcements! And, apparently, an overuse of exclamation points.

Announcement One: My theme for NaBloPoMo is: Useful Tips on Shopping and Products. Every day I will relate a tip, or idea, or place to go, or product to try to make your shopping experiences more pleasant and cheap.

Announcement Two: Moving forward, my blog will not be so Minnesota-centered.

Announcement Three: That being said, or rather, announced, I am a Minnesotan and I live/write in Minnesota. Therefore, I can’t (and WON’T dammit!) eliminate all my Minnesota-isms.
Here’s why. Most fashion magazines are written in New York and on occasion, Los Angeles. So they write about stuff you can get in New York, or Los Angeles, or maybe London and Paris. One small problem – I DON’T LIVE THERE. And magazines don’t seem to CARE that I don’t live in these fashion play lands.
Don’t believe me? In the bazillion years that I’ve been reading Allure and Lucky, I can count on ONE HAND how many times they mention a store or spa located in Minnesota. That’s both mags combined. So if they won’t write about Minnesota, I will. Screw’em.

Announcement Four: This is my compromise to you, the reader, whom I love. I will write (mostly) about tips anyone living near a mall and Target can use. And I will give a warning (MN Alert!) when I write about something that only applies to Minnesota. But EVERY post will have information everyone can use. Unless you live in a tiny outpost in Alaska. Then you’re just asking to not have shopping options. Really.

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Angry Theresa said...

Your blog is great. I love your writing voice and your ideas. And I love lipstick.