Saturday, November 10, 2007


My cold is still kicking my ass, so this post will be short and to the point. No excess verbiage! No unnecessary words! No needless nattering! Starting now!

Anywho, I have decided (thanks to the thrifty gals at NaBloPoMo) to do a partial thrift-store Christmas. I'd like to do a WHOLE thrift-store Christmas, but I don't know how my family members would react. So. I have a compromise. All the gifts I buy for my friends will come from one second-hand store or another.

I have many shopping options - Saver's, Value Village, Half Price Books, Goodwill, plus all the privately-owned thrift shops in the Twin Cities. Not to mention Craig's List and Ebay.

And I have many gift possibilities - purses, shoes, clothes, jewelry, crazy-bad knick-knacks. I think I can really rock this idea, and get some cool, unique, and utterly fabulous gifts.

If not, there's always Target.


jenny said...

i was going to use etsy too! they have lots of affordable homemade treasures on there! :)

Michelle said...

You should check out the Unique Thrift store. They always have lots of good things in really good condition. Also, Second Debut (in St. Louis Park) has wonderful designer accessories for not so designer prices. I love Rewind Vintage (in NE Mpls), too. I did a lot of my holiday shopping there last year.

The Cheap Chick said...

Thank you for the awesome tips! I'm also going to check out Elite Repeat in South Saint Paul.