Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Day Ever

Today was the greatest day of MY ENTIRE LIFE. Here is why:
1. Kevyn Burger (who is very smart and fabulous) asked for my opinions and thoughts.
2. The opinions and thoughts she sought pertained to shopping, stores, and beauty products.
3. Our conversation was on the radio for all the listeners of FM 107 to hear – at least, the ones listening to the Kevyn Burger Show.
4. I have a CD copy of the show to inflict upon everyone I meet.
5. I got to be all about me, and no one minded or got annoyed. Like they usually do.

My greatest hope is that I get asked back (Kevyn, are you reading this?), so I can do it AGAIN. Radio is FUN. I CAN’T STOP WRITING IN BIG LETTERS. THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM.

For those of you missed the awesomeness of me, I plan to somehow upload the show to my blog, so you can click on a link to hear it firsthand. I know – lucky, lucky you!

Moment of Seriousness: to everyone who tuned in, and/or sent me good wishes, thank you so much. I love and pathologically need your support. And if good news is happening to you, please let me know. I like to get excited about other peoples’ awesomeness as well.


Larue said...

Obsessively clicking your blog again.

Glad you had such a fab day. You deserve it. By the way, what sorts of things are you going to have to eat at my birthday party (oops) I mean the wrapping party this weekend? Heh.

George said...

Ah, I love you Larue. You're too funny.

Anyhew, back to Erin. I was able to listen to you online and you were fabulous. And now when I go to Target, all I hear is "SUNSILK" in my head. So thanks for that. Hee!

Larue said...

Really! And what do us redheads do with Sunsilk? Have they thought of us? The hair minority!?

I'm dangerously close to a soapbox, here.

Oh, yeah, woot! Cheap Chick on the radio! Again!

Michelle said...

Nice job yesterday! You're a natural. You sounded so confident! I hope you get to go back...

tundrababe said...

I'm glad things went well! Looking forward to hearing it. They should totally ask you back!