Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank God I’m Broke

Store Tip Of The Day: Fun Sisters Boutique. If you need inexpensive accessories, you’re in luck! Unless one of their stores isn't open the week you want to go shopping. Then, it just sucks to be you. You’ll simply have to wait. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.

Tip For Tomorrow: Are you down with OPP? Tips on how to score free loot, plus more beauty product reviews for your reading pleasure.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor lack of the 35W bridge will keep me from shopping. Especially when the Fun Sisters are in town. They are my go-to gals for shiny shiny objects, and if you know how to find them, they can be your gals, too.

Fun Sisters started out as a (slightly illegal… okay VERY illegal) hook-up between Canal Street in NYC and Minneapolis. The sisters, both flight attendants, would pick up cute knock-off purses and accessories from the infamous Canal Street vendors, then give them away or sell them back home in MN. For the complete story on their felonious past, check out their web site:

Now they are a fully-legit shopping experience. With locations in Minneapolis, Stillwater and Pequot Lakes (why give up shiny objects when you’re at the cabin?), you can get your shop on all over MN. Just not every day.

They are only open Wednesday through Sunday one weekend a month at the two TC locations, and every weekend in Pequot. The Minneapolis location is generally open the second weekend, Stillwater is open the first. For exact dates, once again, go here:

Bonus Tip: there is also an Annex to the Minneapolis store, just two blocks away, where they stock shoes, clearance items and hats – plus Fun Sisters sweatshirts, so you can show your support!

What You Will Find: Walls of purses. Let me repeat that, WALLS OF PURSES. As in, MORE THAN ONE WALL. They have Brighton-inspired purses, Kate Spade-inspired purses, Coach-inspired purses – in other words, if some designer is doing fabulous purses, Fun Sisters will find the knock-off and put it on the wall(s).

You’ll also find cute scarves, a whole table of wallets, sparkly watches, knock-off Tiffany jewelry, fun card and eyeglass cases, and designer-inspired sunglasses.

Plus, they stock all sorts of fabulous jewelry, from classic shapes to over-the-top pieces designed to get you noticed. The sheer number is overwhelming in a good way – kind of like a Willy Wonka chocolate river. Only jewelry. Whatever.

Fortunately for me, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I was broke when I went shopping. So, with much pain and suffering, I resisted the pull of the shiny objects laid out before me – like a carboholic feast before an Atkin’s dieter (why yes, I AM hungry as I write this). But I looked, I coveted, and I planned for the next sale in February.

What You Will Experience: Because the Fun Sisters stores aren’t open all the time, when one is, it’s like a party. A big, girlie, accessory-laden party. Be prepared to chat with other shoppers, and show off your steals. This is not the time to be anti-social.

Patsy, the original Fun Sister, is usually around to gab with. She is the original hostess with the mostess – smiley and happy and having a blast. And why shouldn’t she be? The woman is living the dream. A big, girlie, accessory-laden dream.


Larue said...

I've been going to Fun Sisters since they opened, way back when. My Mom told me about them. Its like a right of passage whenever my SIL comes to town.

And I have bought many shiny birthday and holiday gifts for a certain Cheap Chick there.

Lou said...

Next time you go to fun sisters call me please. I need a fun sister experience!