Thursday, February 28, 2008

FAME! I’m Gonna Live Forever

Baby, remember my name! Re-mem-buh, Re-mem-buh, Re-mem-buh, Re-mem-buh…

Yeah, I’m stopping now. Sorry.

Tip Of The Day: Scenes from a mall – a retelling of my attempt to buy shoes last night. And encountering my first fan! Or, at least, someone who recognized me! And was complementary! So, she had fan-like qualities.

Tip For Tomorrow: Cheap ways to get past whatever is stressing you out or pissing you off. What I do (and others, too) to get over myself.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: All I wanted yesterday was a new pair of strappy shoes. Is that so wrong? I think not. However, I was thwarted in my search. But I did find some killer sales for you all to check out.

I talked (read, bullied) my friend Larue into going shoe shopping with me last night, even though she was exhausted from a LONG day of work. Thanks, Larue! Our first stop was Kohls, and Holy Sales, Batman!

Right now as I type, Kohls is having their biggest clearance sale of the year (their claim, not mine). Just about every single thing in the store is on sale, from 30-80% off. This includes new spring stuff, as well as winter clearance items.

We found Vera Wang shoes marked down below $20, cashmere sweaters for $18, a denim skirt for $6 (too tight for me, and I already have 3 too-tight denim skirts in my closet, just MOCKING me), cute junior tops to wear to the bar, and the most adorable purses you can imagine. I had to physically restrain myself from buying YET ANOTHER purse. Being frugal means knowing when to say no.

Our next stop was Marshall’s at Southdale, and that’s where it happened. Larue and I were browsing the clearance racks (DKNY for under $50! Lauren for $30!), discussing the merits of an adorable $22 jacket. Larue even offered to pay the extra $2, it was that cute. When I refused, the woman shopping next to us turned and said, “I saw you on TV!”

Apparently, our banter confirmed her suspicion that yes indeed, I was the Cheap Chick. She said some very lovely things about my TV appearance and my shopping experiment, but I can not recall a single sentence. All I could think was OH. MY. GOD. SOMEONE RECOGNIZED ME. HOLY CRAP!

If you are reading this, Nice Marshall’s Shopper, I hope I was polite and friendly to you. I have no idea what I was saying or doing, but thank you for making my week. And please excuse my shlumpy appearance – I had gone shopping straight from the gym.

Now back to the deals. Marshall’s is continuing to clear out their winter merchandise, including name brands and cashmere (my favorite fabric). However, all the shoes I liked were over $20, even the clearance items. Boo.

Marshall’s is also having a huge sale in their Juniors Department, up to 50% off. So, if you have juniors, or if you are feeling youthful, stop by now because the sale starts today, Thursday, February 28.

Last up on our hit parade was Target, because they stay open until 10 PM. Thank you, Target! They didn’t have any shoes on sale, but I found a pair of sandals I am seriously considering. They are the cutest pewter color, and would totally match my new top. Go here to see them:

They’ll also match the dress I bought on clearance. BTW, the new Super Target near Southdale has the most extensive clearance selection I have ever seen. There were at least seven racks of clothes, neatly arranged by size, with stuff I actually wanted to own on them.

I found a dark teal, tunic-style, cotton t-shirt dress with pewter bead trim. Larue is taking out the side pockets for me as we speak, (and by the way, clothing designers? WHY do you insist on putting side pocket RIGHT where my saddle-bags are? Do you WANT to make my hips look bigger?) and then it will be perfect. All for just $8.48.

There were tons of exercise pants on sale, too. So if you want to work out along with my Cheap Chick Challenge (on the right), stock up on cute clothes today.

One last complaint before I shut up – Target has not one, but TWO pairs of cute silver heels on their website. Why-oh-why won’t they stock them in the stores? This drives me bonkers – I don’t want to pay for shipping, I want instant gratification, and I need a pair of silver shoes NOW. I swear they are thwarting me on purpose. And after all I’ve done for them…

Where To Go:
1. Kohls sale info:
2. Marshall’s sales:
3. Target silver shoes:


LaRue said...

The things I do for your blog fame. Really. I will say that I did not see you jumping on the tops of any taxis and leaping about doing pirouettes last night, so I don't think you are really devoted to the "Fame" concept. Just sayin'.

The nice Marshall's Lady actually said that she thought it was great that you were doing this. She was very sweet. You? I am doing my level best to make sure you don't get "The Big Head." Really. Or you will be impossible to live with. Hee.

Topic: I bought G a cashmere sweater for $15.00! And a Polo sweater knit purse for $11.00. And an 8 pack of 100 Grand bars for $1.00! In spite of the fatigue, an excellent research trip.

LaRue said...

Me again. If you are on Kohl's e-mailing list you can get online deals like $1.00 or FREE shipping.

standing still said...

Those are amazing shoes. You must buy them.

mia said...

The Steve Madden Store is having a pretty big sale. The sale is also going on at their website, selected styles are $20.99 and $13.99. Most of the stuff on super-sale appears to be dressy styles, so if you're looking for shoes for an event (wedding guest, prom, etc.), this could be a good time to grab a pair. Here are some of the offerings they have...for more go to's-Shoes-CLEARANCE


mia said...

And here are some of the $20.99 styles:

My favorites are the Dreamin' Gold Pumps with cutouts, and the black Holidays Stilettos.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader from seeing you on Kare11's website, I just wanted to add that Herberger's is having some good sales right now too. I bought an Izod Jean Jacket last week for $8.00. It's good to know there are other bargain hunter's out there, so I'm not alone!