Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling Like A Fool

Above: Welcome to spring in MN. Complete with rush-hour blizzard and everything. Lucky, lucky us.

Happy (Day Before) April Fool’s Day!

In honor of the (almost) occasion, I am appointing a fool for the day. And that fool is (drum roll please…) ME. Here are the ways I have been foolish over the last few days.

1. I said my friends and I were having a “Boys Suck” party, and that I would write about it last night. Neither event occurred. Oh, we had a party all right. But there was no boy bashing to be had. And I was too damn tired yesterday to think, let alone write the witty commentary you deserve.
However, lest ye think we didn’t have fun on Saturday, let me put your mind at ease. Alcohol + karaoke machine + women in their 30’s and 40’s = A Rockin’ Good Time.

2. I said my new website would be up by now. Surprise! I’m not ready to launch. Never fear, there WILL be a Cheap But Not Easy web empire coming your way. Soon. Promise, and I mean it.

3. I live in a state where it snows, SNOWS the day before April 1st. And not just a little snow, either. Oh no, we are having a full-on blizzard, complete with school and business closings, traffic accidents, and good times like that. Seriously, folks? Once I hit the big time, I am SOOOOOO moving to Southern Cali.

4. And to cap off the day, I over-slept two whole hours this morning. Sigh. It is just one of those days.


LaRUE said...

My body STILL hurts, 2 days later. Apparently shaking your groove thing can get dangerous the older you get. And I have a lot of groove to shake, so maybe its doubly bad for me?

I would like to nominate El for her fantastic chair performance and George for her brilliant Ricky Martin impression. COME ON!

It is quite lovely looking outside, in spite of it being almost April. But remember- it is March Madness, and we always have a late blizzard with March Madness. It is The Law.

I will move to Southern California with you, so I can be a Hanger-On. A member of your Entourage. Also - you will need a name, like Brad and Angelina are Brangelina. You could have the Cheap Chick's Droppings? (hee) Work on this.

Anonymous said...

Living la Vida Loca!!


Moxy Jane said...

Found you over on Mrs. G's. blog...and I just had to say that these pictures are so why I don't live in Minnesota any more. I went to jr/high school in a wee town south of Mankato and my parents NEVER gave me a ride anywhere, regardless of drifts over my head, windchill of 80 below nothing,and/or zero visibility. I'm back down in Texas, where I belong. Where I only have to wear socks one month out of the year, max. OR if I liked those Crocs with the furry lining, I'd NEVER have to wear socks!

I'm enjoying your blog! And I also took a minute to let Mrs. G. know that the picture she posted of Roger Taylor was not the D2 Roger Taylor. I was all about John, although he's kind of turned into a dorky adult (am I REALLY chatting about Duran Duran right now? Good LORD!). AnyHOO, enjoy your snow and cold!!