Thursday, March 20, 2008

Triptych Thursday: 2 Parts Love, 1 Part Rage

Above Top: The love of my life, as it pertains to my face.
Above Middle: My cute new outfit. Well, the dress is new.
Above Lower: My nemesis, Super Target.
Tip Of The Day: In three parts – My love for a facial cleanser, my love for my new dress, and my rage at Target. Don’t worry, Target, I still love you. But my love is tempered with anger.

Tip For Tomorrow: Hidden treasures – how shopping your closet can reap great rewards. For FREE.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: For the most part, I’m in a VERY good mood today. As long as I avoid Target, I should be fine... Anyway! Today’s post! Let’s focus on the positive, before delving into a morass of negativity.

1. I am loving my new facial cleanser, St. Ives Elements Microderm-Abrasion, which I purchased at Target (grrr, Target) for a mere $6.99. First, it smells lovely; second, you can use it every day with out abrading your skin; third, it makes my face unbelievably soft; fourth, I have faith that using it daily will reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that are currently wrinkling my face all to hell.

My only concern is that the scrub contains chamomile, which I am mildly allergic to. Hmm. But so far, no hives! And my eyes haven’t swollen shut, in that completely repulsive way they have of swelling! And if it reduces my wrinkles while brightening my complexion, I can suck up a little discomfort.

2. I am also loving my new dress, which I purchased on sale at, once again, Target. For $17.49 – down from the original $22.99. It is a brown and off-white, jersey, banded elbow-length sleeved, faux-wrap-front little number that just so happened to match a sweater, belt, and boots I already owned. YAY! Let’s look at the cost for today’s outfit:

Dress: Merona brand, $17.49
Sweater: Jones New York, bought on eBay two years ago, $25 (including shipping)
Belt: Merona brand, bought at Target three years ago, in that $12-$15 range
Boots: Liz and Co., bought at JC Penney’s on clearance, $19.99
Earrings: Gold hoops, approximately $7, no clue where I got them
TOTAL: Approximately $84.48

3. Okay, here is why I am currently not loving Target. I shall address the issue in an open letter to the store:

Dear Target,

Why do you do me like this? Haven’t I demonstrated my love for you throughout the years? And yet you insist on NOT stocking the items I want, nay NEED, to be pretty. Case in point, you no longer carry Sunsilk Anti-Flat Plumping Crème, forcing me to shop at Walmart for my hair goo. How could you?

Second case in point, you have all these fabulous shoes on your website, yet refuse to stock them in your shoe department, even though NOWHERE in the description of said shoes does it say “web only.” If you are going to make certain items “web only,” you should specify that, oh-I-don’t-know, ON THE WEB.

Lastly, could you hire a Go Target designer that will design something which 30-somethings can wear? I do not wish to dress like a British school-girl from the 30’s who’s trying to engage in an affair with her handsome, but lower class, English instructor. And I hate trying to determine what my size is in Junior sizing. It’s depressing and dehumanizing. I might have to sue you for emotional hardship if you keep it up.

In conclusion, where is the love? Haven’t I given you enough money so you will listen to even ONE of my requests? Please?

The Cheap Chick


Amy the Mom said...

Totally going to try that St. Ives product. I'll try and BRAVE THE SNOW today and grab some.

LaRue said...

See! Wasn't I right to tell you to buy that dress? Its lovely, I tell you.

Sorry about your lover's spat with Target. You two really seemed to be getting along well, and it just kind of came out of the blue. I don't know, I may have to take Target in the break-up. You can't provide me with inexpensive toilet paper, and Target can. Its not personal, really.

Michelle said...

Your description of the latest Go! International collection is funny-but dead on. I think they really need to think the designers they choose. I did like Proenza and Scholler and Erin Featherson was ok. A little too cutesy for my tastes. I agree the junior's sizing sucks. I think they're making clothing smaller than it used to be. It is really tough to figure out your size, though. And annoying to buy a shirt two sizes up from normal because I am not a 15 year old. Grrr....

mia said...

My favorite product right now is the Cherry Flavored Carmex lip balm in a pot with SPF 15. It's Buy One Get One Free at Walgreen's right now too (perhaps this comment should go under the Walgreen's post...). It works SO much better than the more expensive lip balms from Sephora!