Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holy Crap, It's TRUE! (A Photo Essay)

I know I was going to put up a fascinating and hard-hitting post about repurposing things you already own, to get more use out of them and save money. And I promise you, oh fearless readers, I will.

But Holy Cow, y’all! I actually got PAID! For being on TV! Which I totally would have done for free, but it is SO MUCH BETTER TO BE PAID! PAID! MONEY! WOOT-WOOT! Ahem. Sorry. I will now commence with the calming down.

Above you will see the photographic proof of said payment. All I can say is, God Bless Fox 9 News.

Why are my hands in the picture, you ask? To cover up my address, so I can prevent Cheap Chick stalkers. Yeah, right.

Seriously, my Ma would KILL ME if I published my actual home address. She still doesn’t get how Google Search and work. And her ignorance is my bliss.

Another Holy Crap/Cow moment is about the weather. Above is a picture of my backyard. Do you see it? Or rather, not it? Look at what’s missing. Can you guess?

That’s right, SNOW. Notice the decided LACK OF SNOW. The first lack of snow in my yard since October. I might be jinxing it, but I don’t care. Spring has officially Sprung.

Last, but not least. HOLY COW! St. Ives new fancy-pants line is on sale at Target now through Saturday. They’re usually $6.99, but now they’re only $5.99. So naturally, I had to buy more. Dur.


mia said...


In honor of spring and good weather, here are some things I look forward to doing.

-Going to baseball games. You can get cheap seats, or you can spring for seats a better view (I think the best place to sit and still keep your ticket price within the range of reasonable is really high up in the cheapest seats above home plate). There's also minor league games--tickets are cheaper, you can sit really close, and the players often greet fans and sign autographs.

--Make some BIG frozen drinks in a blender. No need to buy a fancy blender--any blender with a BIG capacity and the ability to crush ice will do. Everyone is always giving away blenders when they move, too, so hopefully you will be the beneficiary of blender giveaway.

--Wear sunglasses (you can do this in the winter, but then you look like you are trying too hard to be cool). Hopefully you bought some last fall when they were on major clearance everywhere, but if not, no worries. Thrift some of those 1980s shades that are back in style. Also, Forever 21 has tons of styles for $5.80 a pair.

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! That is the best feeling ever when you get paid for something that you would do for free b/c you enjoy it.

LaRue said...

I am so glad you will remember us little people now that you have made it to the Big Time.

And I admit to being beyond excited that I wore SANDALS outside today with a light top (and pants of course - not really into public nudity) and NO COAT. I hate to talk of it for fear of jinxing it.

Marketing Mama said...

That is so awesome - congratulations!!!! :)

I actually talked my 2 year old son into wearing his "spring jacket" to play outside today instead of his beloved winter coat. He still insisted on snow boots and mittens. They get so attached to these things after wearing them for so long!

Amy the Mom said...

That is so awesome!!

I should have posted this tip yesterday, but I've been felled by the virus making it's rounds...just in time for spring! GRRR! has dining deals offered each week-for $25 you get a $50 gift certificate to selected restaurants. The only restriction is you can't use it towards alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!

El Jefe

Beth said...

Yes, it's so nice to get paid when you feel like you aren't really working!

I'll post my first 'cheap' advice though it might have been mentioned before. You can get flowers at Aldi for $2.99 every day. Now that will make you feel that Spring is actually here, yah for no snow!

(OK, everything at Aldi is cheap, but I thought that the flowers were most relevant to the post!)

Tundrababe said...

Wow, congrats! That's awesome. Now you can use that money to buy more bargain stuff! It's a hobby that pays for itself now.

You are a natural on tv! I was just catching up with your videos and they're great. High five!

Anonymous said...

dooce better watch out.