Saturday, April 12, 2008


Many of you fearless readers have either heard me make mention of, or have read the comments by my dear friend, Larue. She would be that redheaded seamstress who allows me to rock out with my frock out at Ren Fest by making me the loveliest gowns. Yup, I have a gown-maker. Do I know how to roll or what?

And perhaps you’ve been wondering why there isn’t more Larue on my site. In particular, why I don’t have a link up to her blog. I have links to HaC’s blog (Mixing Materials, on the right), Lou’s business site (Cindy Edwards, Career Coach), and both of Standing Still’s web address (Standing Still For Once, and The Potter’s site) – not to mention all the rest of my fab bloggy friends. So what gives with Larue?

Do I not love her enough to include her in my blog roll? Is she such a bad writer, I don’t want to inflict her on you, my constant readers? Or is she, possibly, oh-I-don’t-know, MADE UP. As in, A FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION. SO IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE FRIENDS.

Well, none of the above is true. I love her dearly, she has mad writer skillz, and she is, God help us all, a 100% real live person. Red hair and all.

Larue has just created her brand new, accessible to everyone, so-fab-it-hurts blog called (and this is the best part) a.k.a. Chesty Larue. You can find it here: Stop by, say hi, and ogle the pretty-pretty dresses she has made for me and others. Perhaps, for a fee, she’ll make you one, too.


LaRue said...

You are never going to get over the whole Swimmer thing, are you? I know that you guys met her prior to senior year. She and I were friends since we were 5. I met you in 5th grade. Clearly you are just blocking it out. Really.

But hey! Swell write-up. Makes me feel loved and everything. And I need to add HaC and Lou to my blogroll as well. (Traipsing off to my blog now...)

Tundrababe said...

That is a hilarious name! I'll go check it out.

mia said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous dresses!

Safeway appears to have almost all their tea on sale this week for about half price so I am enjoying some Tazo Organic Chai. Oh, and CVS has these generic CVS brand pretzels with pizza spice on them that are quite the guilty pleasure. Oh yeah...

mia said...

I am also going to share a testimonial here. You see, I followed the Cheap Chick's Ultimate Shopping Golden Rule (applied to jeans shopping) and the results were oh-so-fabulous.

First off, in accordance with the Cheap Chick Rule, I ventured out and determined which brands and styles fit me and which approximate sizes I wear (and of course, I was very good about not making a mess and thanked the staff profusely). I then transformed myself into a ruthless machine in scouring the racks of resale stores , thrifts, and deep discounters for them. I won the proverbial GOLDEN TICKET this week when I was at a used clothing store (think Buffalo Exchange) and I spied THE one pair of jeans that Fit SO perfectly in every way (but I can't bring myself to pay full price for). Yup, there it was, the holy grail: a pair of True Religion "Sammy" trouser jeans. In my size. In great condition. At 90% off the new retail price. Oh. My. Goodness.

And, on top of this, I remembered the Cheap Chick's advice to check out stores that I normally bypass at the mall because they are a bit Too Young and Too Loud, and ventured into the dark (literally) reaches of Abercrombie and Fitch. And what do you know? I discovered some dark wash bootcut jeans I liked. AND apparently the Abercrombie store was having an unannounced super clearance sale, so I was able to snag the jeans at a price of well under 20 dollars.

And there you have it--a testimonial. Thanks, Cheap Chick!

The Cheap Chick said...

I would like all my readers to know that Mia's glowing testimonial was in NO WAY COERCED. It was totally her own words, I didn't coach her, and she wrote it all at her own volition.

That being said, she is my MOST FAVORITE READER. EVER. I'M JUST SAYIN'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind write up.

El Jefe

Anonymous said...

read chesty for her great wit and clever use of old photos showing the cheap chick as a mere CHILD>