Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

“Every shape has its form…. Every sea has its storm…” Okay, stopping now.

I don’t care what you think, Bret Michaels is PRETTY. Even though he’s a dirty old man, he’s a HOT dirty old man.

Tip Of The Day: Well, it won’t be the companion piece to my Fox 9 News at 5 segment, because I’ve been bumped this week. Instead, I’ll share the few meager bright spots of my morning – the cheap and/or fabulous stuff that’s making me smile.

Tip For Tomorrow: Tips on saving gas, tips on saving on gas – basically a whole gas-a-palooza post. Ooo, with pictures! Possibly of gas! Because what’s more interesting than a photo of colorless liquid?

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: For those of you living outside the great state of MN, therefore out of the local news loop, here’s an update for you: we get a lot of tornados. And those tornados like to touch down and wreak havoc on our properties/lives/insurance premiums.

One such tornado hit Sunday late afternoon in Centerville and Hugo. These two suburbs are located, oh, JUST 15 MILES NORTH OF MY HOUSE. Eek. The tornado ripped apart a bunch of homes and a bunch of lives, even killing one poor little kid. Weather suck ass, folks. Check it out
And when you’re done checking, say a prayer (or whatever it is you do) for the people affected by the storm.

Big nasty tornados are big nasty news in the TC, requiring all of our local TV stations’ resources. Which means, they have no resources left over for soft news. And guess who the softest news of all is? Yup, The Cheap Chick, your frugal living expert. So, I’m being preempted this week because of the storm. Fox 9 has no photographers to spare to film my segment, and no free air time to, well, AIR my segment.

But hey! Doesn’t being preempted mean you’ve reached the big time? Right? Okay, you could humor me here.

Therefore, today’s topic will NOT be about the digital converter boxes for your analog TVs. Instead, let’s talk about the stuff that’s going Right And Well today. Because although every rose has its thorn (and every college has its dorm – sorry, couldn’t resist), every cloud (or tornado) has its silver lining. So here I am! Looking on the bright side of life! Not dwelling on injured people and flattened houses!

Here are some cheap and fabulous things to be happy about:

Cheap & Fabulous Thing, Number One: Adena Halpern (see above and isn’t she pretty?), one of my most favorite writers, has a new book coming out called “The Ten Best Days of My Life” – and I’ll bet you could find it for less than $20 somewhere. Or, check it out of the library for FREE. But really? Buy the book, so she can make a living at writing books, so she can afford to write another one, so I have something to read. Thanks.

Better still (well, for me anyway)? She personally e-mailed me to tell me about the book. Let me repeat that, as it bears repeating: ADENA HALPERN E-MAILED ME. And? SHE THINKS I’M ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL (her exact words). And? SHE LOVES ME AND MY BLOG (again, her exact words). I needed that validation today, folks.

Cheap & Fabulous Thing, Number Two: It’s official – I will be appearing on the Cooper Lawrence Show every Thursday night at 8:30 PM. Or at least, my voice will be appearing. Or airing. Or whatever you call it. Moving on.
They even created a special intro for me, using Cheap Chick music. Cheap Chick is an all-female cover band for Cheap Trick. I, however, am THE Cheap Chick. See the difference?
You can listen to Cooper and me talk about cheap stuff on FM 107, 107.1 on your dial. If you live outside of MN (and who can blame you, what with our tornados and all), go to the Cooper Lawrence website
here to see if she’s on in your area, or to listen to her via the Interwebs.
One last thing about Cooper – she also has a book out (see above, and she's awfully pretty, too), called “The Cult Of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever.” My friend HaC has already read it, and enjoyed it muchly. Find out more about her book

Cheap & Fabulous Thing, Number Three: Do you notice something different about my blog? Something missing? Something that I used to do, which apparently annoyed many of my readers?
I no longer have the big, long web addresses showing every time I put up a link on my posts. I know, it’s about friggin’ time, right?
So instead of this:
You now get this: The Chick and Chesty Show (by the way, are you reading my new side project? And why not?)
Lou’s Husband, aka Best Web Designer Ever, showed me how to make a word into a web link last Sunday. He is also hard at work on the new Cheap But Not Easy site, which is taking longer than he thought it would (because I am a demanding control freak who keeps changing her mind).

Those are my bright moments in an otherwise cold, depressing, tornados-killed-a-poor-little-girl day. What have been your bright moments today? Not getting hit by a tornado? Hearing from someone you admire? More shameless self-promotion? Let the blogosphere know – what has been the best part of your day?



I wouldn't touch Bret Michaels with a 10 foot pole - who knows what might get on me.

That said? I will watch his TV show TILL THE END OF TIME.

Meg Tredinnick said...

Hey, Congrats on learning how to link, have you been shown how to post blogs and have them scheduled to appear at a later time? It would help when that darn Piglet comes to visit;)

mia said...

Best thing today? Someone gave me some Halva Finnish Red Licorice Bites. They were awesome, like Swedish Fish but softer and with a better flavor (a very intense strawberry). Amazing.

I can't find them at any major stores, but they seem the closest to the Finnska Strawberry Bites here:

Manager Mom said...

Hey...congrats on your successes! Both in blogosity and in traditional media domination.

But wow, Brett Michaels. If I was forced to choose between him and Flavor Flav, I'd choose...a convent.