Sunday, May 25, 2008

I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Girl

I’ve been careless with the delicate blogosphere. Also? Eat a sandwich, girl! Damn!

Tip Of The Day: Abject apologies, followed by a recap of the cheap stuff I did this weekend, which you can emulate. That is, if you’re still talking to me.

Tip For Tomorrow: What I get up to when no one is around.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: I have no excuse for why I didn’t post on Friday. Oh wait, yes I do. And here he is:

I know it ain’t right to blow you off for a man, but look at him! Isn’t he the most smoochable thing in the Whole World? Yes, yes he is.

Anyway, I am very sorry and I promise to do better in the future. But hey! We did a bunch of cheap activities as a family, which I will now share with you. Lucky, lucky you.

1. On Thursday, my Ma, SIL and Big Brother took Piglet to the MN Zoo. They only had to pay for one ticket, because they wisely used the Museum Adventure Pass, available at your public library. Pig’s favorite part? The aquarium – he likes fish, Pisces that he is.
Museum Pass Link

2. Friday, we all went for a walk along Minnehaha Parkway, which is FREE. We also took Piglet to play on the slides at a park across the street from Burroughs School (also FREE). He thought the park equipment was fine, but REALLY enjoyed the sand and dirt surrounding them.
If you would like to walk the entire Parkway and see the Falls at the end, go here for more info:
Parkway Link.

3. For lunch on Friday, and to do a bit of indoor walking about, we went to the Midtown Global Market. If you’ve never been here before, what are you waiting for? They have about 1 billion different things to eat/buy/smell/ogle, it’s climate-controlled (cool in summer and warm in winter), and the parking is super-convenient. And FREE, if you validate.
My only caveat? Make sure you ask for a detailed description of what you are ordering BEFORE you pay for it. Smoked pork doesn’t necessarily mean the meat – it can also mean the skin. Which I’m sure some people enjoy, but grossed me RIGHT OUT.

Midtown Global Market Link

4. Did you know that the sales tax on clothes in IL is 9.5%? So when you buy a piece of clothing, you automatically have to tack an additional 10%. EEK. No wonder my SIL was dying to hit the Albertville Outlet Mall on Saturday. In 2 hours, we managed to stop by 5 stores and take a large chunk out of her bank account.
However, look at it this way: she saved the 9.5% she would have spent in Chicago, all the stuff was at low outlet prices, and throw on top of THAT? Everything she bought was on sale. I think she saved about $100 on Piglet-gear.

Albertville Outlet Mall Link

Hopefully these cheap ideas made up for my lack of post on Friday. And I promise, in the future I will always post new stuff Monday thru Friday. EVEN FROM MY DEATH BED. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH I CARE ABOUT YOU.


Anonymous said... a sandwich girl! LOL funny.

LaRue said...

I still think she is the 3rd Olsen sister....

I also stopped by the Albertville Outlet Mall yesterday. The Sales are INSANE. GO! GO TODAY!