Monday, June 30, 2008


Yup. That’s how I’m feeling today. Gack. And also? Yuck.

Tip Of The Day: How to be uber-trendy without having to resort to shopping at Wet Seal or Forever 21. Because I KNOW you feel older than dirt when you shop there. Trust me, so do I.

Tip For Tomorrow: If you can’t give up your Mocha Frappachino habit, at least hit the coffee houses that give you more bang for your buck. This will be, like it is every Tuesday, my companion piece to my Fox 9 News at 5 segment.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: I am feeling about as clever as, well, George W. Bush today. Which is to say, not very clever at all – but at least without the Texan accent and malapropisms.

Therefore, I thought I’d give you a list (because you know how I love a good list) of websites you need to check out this summer. They are replete with cute, inexpensive, trendy clothes – like the ubiquitous maxi dress – and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home computer to go shopping.

Personally, I love shopping online. There are more snack options, and I’m close to my bed if I need a nap. Shopping is HARD WORK, people.

Cheap and Fabulous Web Sites For Clothes, Accessories and Make-up:

1. Meet Mark,
the younger, hipper (?) version of Avon. They have make-up, natch, accessories AND clothes. If that’s not enough reason to check out their website, Lauren Conrad from The Hills is one of their spokesmodels. And if it’s good enough for LC

2. Go Jane,
for all the trendy stuff you see at Charlotte Russe, but better organized and without the ear-splitting store music. Seriously, TURN IT DOWN. Go Jane merch is often featured in magazines like Lucky and Glamour, so their stuff should be decent. An entire gaggle of New York fashionista editors can’t be wrong.

3. Girl Props,
super-trendy, super-inexpensive jewelry and sunglasses. Ooooo, and TIARAS. The only thing I don’t like about this online store is their tagline – “Inexpensive, we never say cheap.” What’s wrong with the word ‘cheap?’ Hmm? I happen to think it’s a FINE word, thank you very much.

4. Sales at Newport News, Spiegel’s, and Victoria’s Secret.
These catalog powerhouses have some of the best sales, not to mention CLEARANCE prices, you can find on the web. Plus, their models aren’t annoying stick figures, which I find refreshing.

5. La Redoute,
French clothing at affordable prices. Hello? It’s FRENCH. Doesn’t that automatically make it impossibly cool and filled with that certain je naisse que? Or however you spell it? I took German, so I have NO clue.

6. Cutesy Girl,
aka Cutesy Shoes. You know how much I love this store and covet their shoes, but did you also know that they sell cutesy CLOTHES? And cutesy ACCESSORIES? So you can be cutesy ALL OVER YOUR DAMN SELF.

One Last Final, Awesome, Tip:
This comes from my BFF, HaC. Most, dare I say all, of these web sites offer free shipping if you spend over a certain dollar amount. However, that dollar amount maybe WAY more than you want to splurge on yourself.
So, gather together a bunch of likeminded friends, and place your order together. That way, you’ll all get the free shipping, without having to pay out the extra cash. Which would have defeated the whole purpose of free shipping.


LaRue said...

Je ne sais quoi. Because I took 4 years of French so I could help you out at this VERY MOMENT.

So there.

mia said...

There's also the 15 dollar store. It's a mixed bag because some of the stuff isn't really a great deal at 15 bucks, but some of it is:

Lulu's is another trendy retailer that is slightly more grown-up than Delia's/F21, I like the dress on the homepage right now:

Fred Flare has some cute desk/gift stuff and accessories:

mia said...

Oh, and for accessories:

Nikki said...

Maybe it's just my luck, but I've had more than a few quality problems with clothing I've ordered from La Redoute. As did my good friend in Philly, who ended up returning her entire order of clothing. They have awesome LOOKING clothes, tho....

Bionic Beauty said...

My new cheapy discovery: I adore their dresses and they fit real people! it's pretty colorful though, so probably best for spring & summer wear. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the great websites! I cannot for the life of me handle Forever 21. The store is always such a mess and I have a strong urge to clean up the mess. Ugh. Urban Outfitters always has great sale stuff both online and in the store. And the store is much neater to shop.

The Material Girl said...

You can order from Forever 21 online - gather your possee, spend $75 and get free shipping.

I have ordered from La Redoute several times and haven't had any problems with quality, and it's not like I'm not picky either. I've also had good luck with Chadwick's and Newport News. In fact, I'm right now debating sending a swimsuit (I look a little too much like the Emerald Isle in it) and a pair of shoes (absolutely love them, but do NOT need them!) back to Newport News.

I loooove the props from my BFF!