Monday, June 23, 2008


Your advice. Sheesh, it’s Monday. Get your collective heads OUT of the gutter.

Reader Question: Ah, you know how I just LOVE group participation. Here is your chance to weigh in on a weighty issue. Voice your opinion! Let us know what you think! And, more importantly, leave me a note in the Comments section!

As you might know, my year-long shopping experiment is drawing to a close. On August 28, 11:59 PM, I will no longer be bound by the “$20 or less” rule.

Granted, this isn’t soon enough for me to be able to buy those nude, pointy-toe stilettos I found on clearance at Macy’s yesterday (seriously, folks. You need to check out their shoe department NOW). But time is running out.

Which means I need a new shopping challenge. This blog needs a gimmick, and I am fresh out of cool ideas. All the blow-drying of my hair in the world hasn’t triggered one usable shopping experiment.

So! I come to you, my fearless readers. What should my next year-long shopping experiment be? I need your help, Obi-Wan.


dollylumpalump said...

I think your next year-long commitment "to the cheap", should be to buy things used. Do you know what kind of world would open up to your faithful? Now there would be exceptions, food,cosmetics,medical goods etc,but go for the cheap and go from there. My parents call me the "ferret" for the gift I have of ferreting out the used deals. Clothing,furniture,household items,renovation etc,etc,etc. So, go forth and be cheap. Dolly in Albany ps: you would NEVER KNOW I buy used!!!! Also, your buys would have to be 1/2 of new or more! CHALLENGE ! You gotta love it!

LaRue said...

Actually, I think you should be allowed a couple of weeks to a month of break before you start a new challenge. I would start Oct. 1, but then I always like to start things fresh at the beginning of the month, or year. I like Dolly's idea, and it would certainly open up a lot of options.

Either that or you absolutely could not buy anything brand new. Or from a place other than the US. Or purple. With polka dots. That lights up. Whatever.

Or! You can only buy things for others, and not for yourself. A vow of charity, so to speak. You would look FABULOUS in saffron colored robes, and I would be happy to sew those for you.

LaRue said...

Ok, nothing brand new and buying used is essentially the same thing. I think I meant to say not buy anything FOR FULL PRICE.


Parker said...

I think you should vow to be my personal shopper for a year!! (Beware! The next sentence contains graphic and disturbing content...)



Seriously. I do. When it comes to shopping for myself I'd rather walk across burning coals. Or broken glass. And then use the broken glass to shave some fat cells from my body... but that's another story. You know how they say "it's tough to shoot a moving target?" Well, it's also tough to clothe a growing body. And NO! I am not even pregnant. Sigh. Please - let's have a moment of silence for the cute clothes in my closet that haven't seen the light of day for over a year. (and a half.)

However, I don't mind shopping for household items like at Target or shopping for clothes for my son.

So what do ya think?? ;) Can you fix me? Or at least make me skinny? Ha ha.

I feel better now. Thanks!

Parker said...


That was me.

Rachel (aka Parker's Mom)

blainelady(old) said...

There is someone that I work with that took a vow of not buying anything new for a year. This has an official name and is called the compact. You can buy anything new related to safety such a car tires, groceries and toiletries. This would be hard for me even though I love shopping consignment stores. When this person had to get new shoelaces he bartered for them.

mia said...

I have always wanted to write a travel--or just daytrip, because that's much cheaper--book for the SERIOUSLY cheap and fabulous. Not like Budget muchTravel/Lonely Planet Cheap but cheaper. And more fabulous and off the beaten path. However, that wouldn't fill up a whole daily blog because there's that thing called WORK.

Kuenz said...

I like the 'nothing brand new' idea. To take that a step further, how about striving to make every purchase something environmental friendly, recyclable, green, etc? That would be super tough but worth the challenge! I' m slowly trying to do that myself. Recently a friend sent me a link to fully recyclable, cute and comfy sandals - they're now my most favorite shoes I have ever worn, and best part is, if I ever get sick of them I can send them back to the company and they will use the material to make them into new sandals for someone else. How kewl!
Anyways, thats my two cents :)

Whatever you decide for a new challenge, I'm going to continue reading for sure, as I love your great finds and ideas!!


Marketing Mama said...

I also like the buy used for a year... but I'd also get a kick out of "buying american" or "buying organic" - both of those would mean spending a hell of a lot more money than you are now, though - I'm guessing.

Hey are you gonna do a fake tattoo or were you just playing me? ;0

d.c. said...

Buying used is a good idea as well as adding maybe an environmental touch when possible but if not it would still work. Maybe you add a goal at the end though, like with all the money you saved not buying new you were able to.... buy a tank of gas. Ok, maybe something more fun than that.

Anonymous said...

Two ideas:
A) One holiday season I vowed to not buy any gifts from major big-box stores, e.g., your happy place. Everything had to be from art/craft sales, boutiques or smaller one-of-a-kind shops. Not sure how you could apply this to your year-long commitment, though.
2) Set a monthly budget with exact amounts for each category, and commit to not going over budget, ever. You could spend less, but not more, on any category, with no rollovers to make it more challenging.

Michelle said...

I like the idea to only buy used things, too. I agree that you need a couple months of a break, too.

Ben said...

I like the budget idea. That way, you can retain your moniker. To add to that, how about making a year-long vow to shop only at Minnesota-owned stores? So, you would have to do all of your shopping and eating at Mom-and-Pop shops and other local places. Then, you can report on the best of these places and drum up business. Perhaps, as exceptions, you would still be able to shop at Best Buy, Target, Cub, and other MN-based big corporations.