Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, I Got The ‘Hyper’ Part Down

Tip Of The Day: Wayne Gerdes may be the most obnoxious driver on the road, but he has a the world’s best gas mileage – double what the rest of us slobs get. Details to follow.
And speaking of obnoxious, I found two adorable shirts – guaranteed to annoy my Big Brother – for Piglet. Read on to learn where you can get your hands on them. So you can annoy your brother (or any other men in your life) by dressing your son up like P Diddy’s Umbrella Butler.

Tip For Tomorrow: I can’t believe how fast this week’s gone by! It’s already time for Group Therapy Thursday. Tomorrow’s topic? What splurge can you NOT stop splurging on? What frivolous purchase do you continue to make, even though we should all be saving our pennies?

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Yesterday, my fuel-obsessed Dad called to tell me about this crazy nuclear engineer. Which sounds terrifying and end-of-the-world-like, but isn’t. He’s not crazy about nuclear stuff (thank GOD), but increasing his fuel efficiency.

Wayne Gerdes is a man on a mission. A mission to turn us into scary-ass, Sunday-driving, no-braking-on-turns, we’re-all-gonna-die motorists. But hey! Think of the gas we’ll save!

Case in point: Wayne is not a big believer in stepping on the brakes. He says, instead of braking on turns, you should turn off your engine and coast around the turn. Even if that means taking it at 50 MPH or more. Um…

Moving on. He drives 5 miles below the posted speed limit, and prefers to go about 50 MPH, regardless of the whole “move with the flow of traffic” thing. In MN, Land of Road Rage, this may not be such a good idea.

Gerdes also rides in the far right lane on the white line, so his tires aren’t in the ridges formed by millions of other drivers. That way, if he’s driving in the rain, the water built up in the road trenches won’t drag on his tires. Okay! This one I can do.

If you want more insight into the Mind of Wayne, you can either Google his name, or the term Hypermiling, which is what he calls his style of driving. I call it Crazy Whack Job Driving, but that’s just me. Or click on this hyperlink (so THAT’S what they’re called!) for more information.

Now, what do you think of these shirts?

I know! They are freakin’ ADORABLE. My Big Brother is SO WRONG. He is not a big fan of either shirt. Perhaps it’s the floral motif? Or that they look like something old men in Miami would wear? I say they are awesome. And? Made from a lovely blend of cotton and linen.

Now for the best part. Get a load of the price tag.

I know! $2.97 per shirt! And since we have no tax in MN, I paid just $5.94 for two Baby Gap linen-blend shirts. Normally they’re $15.99 EACH.

Naturally, you all want to know how you can get your hands on such goodness, right? The Baby Gap Outlet, my friends. If you live near an outlet store, and have a baby/toddler/little kid to shop for, DEMAND that they open a Baby Gap Outlet. If there isn’t one at your outlet mall already. If there is, you have no reason to demand, and every reason to shop at Baby Gap.

One last recommendation? These shirts were on the Clearance rack. Clearance racks at outlet stores are code for “May As Well Be FREE, The Stuff’s So Cheap.” Be sure to check them out at your next outlet adventure.


LaRue said...

I'm not even going to tell you how well my Mom and I did at Gymboree Outlet for my nephew, because you would be so jealous. Let's just say it involved several bags and around $30 TOTAL.

And El Jefe would wear those shirts in a heartbeat. Too bad they don't come in men's sizes.

Also, Wayne Gerdes? Is insane.

Kristie said...

I love the Baby Gap outlet. I get the best deals there!

mia said...

Anyone ever check out the Carter's Baby Outlets? I have been told they have great deals.