Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where Empires Are Created, And Angels Dare Tread

Welcome to my second Open House, courtesy of Manager Mom. If you'd like to read about my first Open House, brought to you by Derfwad Manor, and concerning the heart of my home, go here.

But today is a new day, and that means another room for you to peruse. Therefore, I proudly present to you the BRAIN of my house. The source of my power. The room where all my frugal ideas are shaped and formed. I give you, My Bathroom:

Yes indeedy. That’s where the Cheap But Not Easy magic happens, folks. A great many ideas occur to me when I hang out in here:

Which is probably why I take one to two showers a day – water conservation be damned. I need to wash that man right out of my hair, and wash in fabulous frugality.

Here’s another spot where I sit and contemplate thrifty thoughts:

Spend enough time resting on one of those things, and you are BOUND to come up with creative ideas. Or, if nothing else finish that library book you started.

Then I have my Instrument of Deep Thought Formation:

All I have to do is point this thing at my head for 10 to 15 minutes and BLAMO. Instant plan/idea/scheme. I think it’s the heat – it gets my thoughts cooking. Plus it makes my hair look pretty, and that makes EVERYTHING BETTER.

Well, my secret is out and the CBNE Empire’s Nerve Center has been revealed. If you tell anyone, I will be forced to kill you. This post will self-destruct in 5 minutes.


Manager Mom said...

Oh, I am jealous of ANYONE who has a tub larger than a postage stamp (like mine).

I'm going to have to try the hairdryer tactic when I am trying to get my rusty wheels a-spinning!

LaRue said...

Who knew that a blow-out could cause such fabulosity of thought?

I think that this extends to other people's bathrooms as well. I have had you come out of my bathroom saying, "I just had a brilliant idea!"

Marketing Mama said...

Okay, I totally wasn't expecting to see your bathroom! Ha! I also have deep thoughts while blowdrying my hair. :)

marathon mom said...

Too hot to use the hairdryer here! I warm my brain cells with chai tea.

Cocotte said...

I actually also took a photo of my shower, because some of my best ideas happen when I'm showering. But alas, there was too much mildew in my shower and it was just embarrassing. Be proud of your clean work area!

mia said...

Hahah..guess what I saw in California in big letters on the side of a brick building holding a vintage clothing store? "CHEAP BUT NOT EASY." It's too bad I did not have a camera with me. :(

mia said...

Good thing someone else (I don't know the photographer, but it's definitely the same building) took a pic of it:

MereCat said...

I had a teacher once that swore by the bathroom as a place where he was most inspired. When he had a great thought that originated in the W.C. he called it an "anal brainal."

Tina said...

The bathroom is the ideal place for thinking, isn't it? Unfortunately, I read in the bathroom and if I started thinking in there too, I'd never come out.

Alice said...

Bathrooms ARE great for inspiration. I can remember working on a take-home test for geometry and couldn't figure out a problem. As I was showering with a head full of lather, it came to me! There's no privacy in the bathroom anymore so my thinky days are over.

Bionic Beauty said...

:D You make me smile!

I'm gonna have to try that hair dryer trick to get my writing juices flowing!