Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Are We Takin' A Walk Or Seein' A Show?"

That fabulous quote comes from my friend HaC, and this entire post is dedicated to her in honor of her birthday. Happy Birthday! And thank you for being a few months older than me EVERY YEAR!

So, to pay homage to HaC, I'm listing a few of HER favorite things that cost less than $20. Seeing as how she is quite frugal, the list could be a mile long, so I'm editing it down to the best ones (which means the ones I can think of while sitting here without actually ASKING her, because that would ruin the surprise).

1: The Gap's Long and Lean Jeans. You might think, as HaC and I did, that you need to BE long and lean to wear these, but oh no. They make you LOOK long and lean, without actually having to lose a pound. Genius. Technically, these beauties cost more than $20, but they do go on sale and on clearance. Or, look for them used at Saver's or Value Village. They'll say Long and Lean on the sewn-in tag.

2: This web site has amazing shoes at dirt cheap prices, and free shipping if you spend $70 or more. HaC mentioned this site in her comments, but I feel it deserves another shout out.

3: Catalog shopping. HaC is a pro at finding insane sales at Spiegels and Newport News. Dresses, accessories, shoes, you name it, she can find it for $20 - and she usually gets free shipping. This girl has mad catalog shopping skillz, y'all.

4: Totino's Party Pizza. The cheese one, no other flavor will do! We LOVE these things. That's our test of a person - do you like Party Pizzas? Yes? You rock! No? You are deluded and sad, but we'll try to hang with you anyway.

5: Dairy Queen's Chocolate-Covered Cherry Blizzard. Someone should probably buy her one for her birthday. Hopefully, her husband is reading this.

6: Old lady television shows. HaC likes to kick it geriatric-style with Matlock and Murder She Wrote. What saves her from being lame? She is NOT apologetic about her love for the oldies. Even when I mock her for it ceaselessly. Which I do.

7: Reserving library books. Why buy the damn thing if you're only going to read it once? HaC reserves copies of all her soon-to-be faves at the Southdale Library.

There you have it - my birthday tribute to one of my best friends. Plus, some cools things for you to try out. Call it a twofer.


Evo said...

hi there...

C. LaRue said...

We love old lady shows here. How about the Golden Girls? Also, I will have to try those jeans. Don't know if they will fit my butt though.

Totino's is Big Al's favorite food for when he is sick. Or well. Really the perfect food. Me? Loved them, but can't partake.

Happy Birthday HaC!

HaC said...

I am honored and deeply touched. Yes, you mock my penchant for geriatric television, but let's not forget the Cheap Chick's tendency toward geriatric food...sour cream raisin pie is not the stuff of youth! (And I am told Chesty L. veers toward Custard pie, another geriatric fave.) For the record, The Golden Girls is not my speed (way too much sex!), but I love a good Perry Mason or Diagnosis Murder!

Lou said...

Just wanted to share that I just bought a fab new grey cardigan on ebay for $10.00. Grey is the new black this season! My sweater is a classic 1970's style with button belt, extremely warm (which is essential). Cheap, but not easy!

The Cheap Chick said...

Yay Lou! Way to shop like a pro. Everytime another one of my friends finds bliss on ebay, I get all happy. It's like introducing someone to their future husband... only more useful and cheaper.