Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Prima Donna Friend

It turns out that my friend Army Girl does not actually LIKE being called Army Girl. You would think my friend HaC would be the whiner, seeing as how her nickname sounds like phlegm being cleared from the back of your throat, but no.

Normally I would just ignore Army Girl and her random complaints, but here's the thing. She is RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK making me the most beautiful (and slutty! and shiny! two of my favorite things!) Ren Fest costume that has ever been wrought upon this Earth. So I guess I owe her one. Or two. Or a thousand.

Because, basically, she ROCKS. She's making my costume and our friends' Girl Jess, George, and DME costumes, PLUS her own costume. And she's doing this right after quitting her company (and yes, it was her company that she created) that made Highland dancewear. Which entailed sewing night and day, for people who didn't love or respect her. Bastards.

So if she wants name change, she gets one. Dammit. And, the new one we picked out (okay, I picked out) is a real humdinger! And it's based on her... huge tracts of land.

Drum roll please... I dub thee, Chesty Larue. Which just makes me so happy.


CL, aka Chesty Larue said...

I think it might be a toss-up between the two names in terms of my enthusiasm for them. Then again, that could just be my Prima Donna qualities. Perhaps that is where S gets it from.

Glad to know you like the outfit so far and the pain and suffering it is causing me to have to work my fingers to the bone for you people.

I expect to be rewarded with a turkey leg. Shiny objects are also welcomed.

Jugglernaut said...

Hey, Cheapie! Hey, Chesty!

I'm thinking of hosting the first gathering of the Lemonade Factory soon. The Lemonade Factory is a club for people to whom corporate life has handed lemons. Plan: make something tasty out of 'em. Wanna come?

Jugglernaut, aka Kim H.

The Cheap Chick said...

That's like a line from Dale Carnegie - whom I love. I'll be there! And thank you for continuing to comment on the blog.

HaC said...

If I were to complain about my name being HaC to anyone, it would be my parents, as H, A and C are my initials. Add my married name and it becomes HaCH - which is an even less attractive sound. Whatever.

HaC said...

Oh, and as for the Lemonade Club, I'm all there! The evil corporate giant couldn't break me! Lemon curd...lemon cake...lemon lemonade...I could get behind that.

LaRue's Husband said...

Well, let me add that I'm a big fan of Chesty's huge tracts. Both of them.

Have fun renfesting...