Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Body is Cannibalizing Itself to Produce Phlegm

Sorry to have such a disgusting title for today's post, but it's TRUE. I have been sicker than Britney Spears y'all, and the only interesting purchase I've made has been Claritin D. Which (thank you crystal meth makers everywhere) I now have to buy at the pharmacy counter. And (thank you prescription drug patent for running out) I now have to pay ONE DOLLAR PER PILL. Which doesn't leave me a ton of money for buying cute shoes.

While I was at Target buying my drugs, I checked out the new Go Target line by Alice Temperley. And I got to tell you, I was not impressed. All the lines are starting to look the same to me - quirky for quirkiness sake - and everything seems to be geared to young adults. As an old adult, I'd like to see stuff made for ME (cuz it's ALL about ME). Which is why I continue to adore Issac Mizrahi. He takes massive risks with some of his stuff, but at least it's never cutesy-poo or precious. And the man can design a pencil skirt like no one's bidness.

Which brings me to my other great discovery (that I actually made 5 months ago. So. Hmm. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier!). Issac makes bridal and evening gowns that are to DIE for. So cute! So classic! So over-$20-so-I-can't-buy-one! But you all can! Check out Target.com and take a looksie at the cuteness.

And remember - this is not haute couture. These dresses are not cut to fit you exactly, so you will need to take your item to a seamstress for tailoring. In short, buy up a size. Or two. You can use the leftover material to make a purse! Or not, whatever, see if I care.


C. LaRue said...

You are so funny. Also, bridal wear runs notoriously small, so you may need to actually buy several sizes larger. Don't ask me why, but that is just the way it is. Ask Bruce Hornsby.

Also - someone asked me at the paint store yesterday if I was old enough to buy the spray paint. I laughed at him. Then he said that if someone buys more than 4 cans at once they need to record it.

Cause we suburban soccer moms are known for our excessive huffing of paint fumes. Really. Catch it on the next Oprah.

Glad you are once again amongst the living. I am as well. Lets hope it doesn't rain on your drum jam this Sunday. Think happy thoughts, you!

Anonymous said...

is there something we should know? why are you looking at buying bridal gowns?

Husband of Larue said...

Hey Phlegm Girl - I made you chicken noodle soup.