Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mine Mine Mine Mine!

I found it! The product I've been looking for ever since I saw the commercial with the women mocking each other! Sunsilk's Color Boost in Blonde Bombshell! For only $8.99! To make me even BLONDER! Yay! Woot-Woot!

Ahem. Sorry. I've just been looking for this damn stuff for months, and I finally found it yesterday. You would think a "drug store" product would be readily available at one's, oh, I don't know, DRUG STORE, right? Apparently this is not the case.

I searched for it endlessly at my happy place (Target), but with no luck. Target had everything else by Sunsilk but the Color Boost, which I found very tedious and NOT USEFUL. Which is so unlike Target, which is why it is my happy place. Plus, everytime I went there to look for Color Boost and failed, I ended up buying something else, whether I needed it or not. Kind of like grocery shopping when you're hungry, no?

Then I checked out my local Snyder's Drug, but they only sell Sunsilk's shampoos and conditioners, and not the auxillary products. I made the mistake of asking the Synder's clerk why. Sounds like a reasonable question to me. But no. Big mistake. Clerks do not care about why, IT JUST IS, DAMMIT. SO SHUT UP. AND BUY SOMETHING, YOU VAGRANT.

I finally found it at the Walgreen's not-at-all near my home in White Bear Lake. I then rushed to my shower to try it out, like a junkie with a fix, and GUESS WHAT? It works like a dream. I am so much more blonde today than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow...)! Which is SO IMPORTANT. To me, at least. And it didn't make my highlights look brassy or weird, which is so important to my hairdresser - who threatened bodily harm to me if I messed up my color one more time. I have a bad habit of dying my hair the color of Bozo the Clown on crack.

So, fabulous product for today? Sunsilk's Color Boost. Comes in blonde and brown, and makes you fan-tas-tic!


C. LaRue said...

Once again, discrimination against the Redhead. Why am I not surprised? We are the bastard stepchild of the hair industry. No one cares. Sniff.

Not that I am intending on coloring my fabulous red locks, I'm not. But it should BE THERE and AVAILABLE. Its not our fault that we are only 2% of the population. We deserve recognition, dammit.

I am sure you look lovely. End of rant.

The Cheap Chick said...

There is no red hair colorant because red hair is perfect in every way to begin with. You don't NEED a boost. I do.

Anonymous said...


Good stuf; you make me laugh.


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The Cheap Chick said...

Um, okay? Thanks?