Friday, September 28, 2007

There You Go

So here I am, in all my Renaissance glory. You don't get the total onslaught of my shiny-shiny-shininess and noise-making ability, but you DO get a sense of just how non-sober I am. And, why YES, that IS an alcoholic beverage in my hand. How well you know me. Honest, though, I bought it for someone else.

If you are wondering, I did pay only $20 or less for every component of this ensemble. All together, though, the whole outfit cost about $75. And no, that does NOT include my friend Larue's labor. She works for me for FREE. Once I bribe her with chocolate...


C. LaRue said...

You say that all the time. "But LaRue, I bought that margarita mix for someone else!" "Those shoes in my trunk - they're for someone else!" "This chocolate in my hand that I just took out of your fridge - it is for someone else!"


I will attest to the shiny factor and incessant noise that your behind contributed to the faire. What did I say to one of our Faire Posse? "If you are looking for E, just look for the glitter and listen for the jingle."

Or maybe I just THOUGHT it.

The Cheap Chick said...

Nope, you said it, I heard you.