Monday, October 1, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemonade…

Make lemon bars. And then invite me over. And then I’ll eat the whole pan, thus contributing more girth to my big-ass booty.

Well, the lemons I got came pouring from the sky yesterday (i.e. RAIN. And THUNDER), thus preventing my attendance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the last day of the year. Which pissed me off righteously.

So, to soothe my savage beastie, I went to brunch with my Ma and Mom’s Cindy. We ate at my most favorite breakfast place: The Copper Dome on Randolph on the south side of Saint Paul. It’s like a shrine to carbohydrates and sugar and fat – enough to send you into a diabetic coma when you walk through the door. Not good if you have diabetes, like Mom’s Cindy does, but she persevered.

As we were sitting in our booth by the front window, enjoying our sweet potato pancakes (YUM), I saw a sight that warmed my heart… a consignment shop right across the street.

And the name? To die for: Elite Repeat. How cute is THAT? So, Mom’s Cindy and I bullied Ma into running over there after brunch, although Ma hates to shop. “Just for a minute” we wheedled. Riiiggghhhttt. Lies all lies. I was there for over an HOUR. Ma finally dragged her friend out, kicking and screaming after 45 minutes. Poor thing.

And oh, the lovely shiny items they have! Cool store brands like Gap and Banana Republic, some uber-designer wear, SHOES, hats, jewelry, all neatly displayed in this large, well-lit store. What I liked best were their racks – they use regular store racks at mid-chest height, not those double-hung racks that some OTHER consignment shops use (you know who you are). Those double-hung jobs drive me nuts. They don’t allow for a long and lingering search through the merchandise. My arms get too damn tired reaching up to examine the upper racks. And the lower racks? Guaranteed to give you “coin slot” action when you bend over to check out the loot on them.

I didn’t actually buy anything – my next purchase WILL BE skinny jeans. I have doth decreed this to be so. But I left empty-handed by an act of strong willpower, not because I couldn’t find anything that needed to come home with me.

So, Shop Of The Day: Elite Repeat on Randolph. As Fergie says, check it out.


NRGWoman said...

You know we can work on your upper body endurance so you can broaden your shopping horizons.

NRGWoman said...

I forgot to add the evil laugh...mwahahahahah!!

The Cheap Chick said...

Evil trainer! Just kidding, seriously though, all the arm work in the world can't make the SHOP THAT WON'T BE NAMED an enjoyable place to browse.