Thursday, October 18, 2007

All The News You Really Need, Too

One other shopping tip for Thursday (to get you jump-started on your weekend activities) pertains to the sales at Macy's. Now, I think they have rockin' good sales, and they go on pretty much ALL THE TIME. Yes, I miss Dayton's, too, just like you, but those days are over. Onward and upward, and put your past in your behind and all that jazz.

Macy's sales, especially their shoe and winter coat sales, are insanely good. I've found Nine West black pumps for $17.99 and my white puffer down-filled coat last year for $22.99. However, if you go to Rosedale or Southdale, it is VERY hit or miss with what you might find on their sales racks. Why? Because everyone and their mother's-dog's-former-owner shop at these two Dales. In fact, Rosedale is the most populated mall in the Cities, beating out the MoA even. So the sales stuff is instantly picked over. What is a Cheap Chick to do?

Well, seeing as how I'm so brave and adventurous, I actually go to Brookdale. That's right, Brookdale. In Brooklyn Center. Where NO ONE shops anymore - except for Ma, who lives in nearby Brooklyn Park and refuses to drive more than 5 miles to shop ANYWHERE.

Since no one shops at Brookdale, no one shops at their Macy's. So the sales racks are both loaded with merchandise, and repleat with extra-more-better sale prices. In one trip, conducted shortly after last Christmas, I bought three sweaters for $50. Orginal total price? $150. That's right, just for venturing to the wilds of Brooklyn Center, I saved $100. I felt like Lewis and Clark, penetrating the unexplored interior of the United States. Wow. That sentence is dirty. Shame on me.

So stop by this neglected Dale. Added bonus? There's a Steve and Barry's there, too. So you can really get your cheap-shop on.

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