Thursday, October 18, 2007

All The News You Really Need

A big shout out today to my friend Swimmer for this following shopping newsflash:

There is a sale going on RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK at The Annex to Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park. If you've never been to Opitz, A. what is the matter with you? and B. now is the time to go. They sell upscale brand name clothing and shoes and accessories for 70-80% off retail prices. In short, they are what an outlet store is SUPPOSED to be. Unlike those other outlet mega-shop outlets on the outskirts of town that shall remain nameless.
The Annex to the Outlet is right next door, and that is where the sale lives - from Wednesday to Saturday (yes, I know, I'm a day late, shut UP and quit yelling at me), everything in the Annex is $3. On Sunday, prices drop to $1. No, I didn't make up those numbers.
Here's the thing about the Annex, though. The stuff they stock is the damaged merchandise they couldn't sell in the main Outlet. However, if you are handy with a needle and thread and spot remover, you can score some amazing deals. Swimmer got a Vera Wang gown (the real deal, too, not the Kohl's line) for only $10. I think there was a stain on it that the dry-cleaners were able to remove. So go. Do a little hunting and gathering of super-cheap, super high end merch - what else do you have going on today?

Speaking of outlets, this just in... okay, technically, I heard about it a few weeks ago. But still. Old Navy is changing all of its outlet stores to just, well, stores. No more outlets. This is honestly no big loss, as the Navy's regular sales are better than anything you'd ever find at the outlet. So don't waste your time driving your booty all over town. Just hit the Old Navy nearest you and save on gas, too.
A special thanks to the Shop Girls on FM 107 for giving me that bit of info. What? You don't LISTEN to 107.1???? What is the MATTER with you???? You are missing out on the best talk radio in the Cities! Oh. You like to listen to music in the car? Fine, whatever.


LaRue said...

You know, I still have my Vera Wang that I bought there that does not fit me. Because I wanted it. So there.

Just remember! Try everything on, because the higher end stuff (such as Vera Wang) has couture sizing, and it is all VERY VERY TINY.

The Cheap Chick said...

Too true! And the dressing rooms are... interesting? In the way that bad is interesting. Oh, but the SAVINGS. It feels so good.