Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Feet

Oh Happy Day! I got to go to one of my MOST favorite sales this morning - the sock sample sale out by Turtle Lake.

Yup, you are all now scratching your heads, aren't you. Here's the skinny: one of my real estate colleagues has a sister who is the sock buyer for Target (doesn't that sound like a cool job? "Yes, I buy SOCKS for Target."). And every year in October, for only 3 days, she has a big sale out of her home on Turtle Lake in Shoreview. She does it to off-load her leftover stock for the year. Regular socks go for $1 a pair, and LUXURY socks go for $2 a pair.

I bought five pairs of angora/cashmere blend socks in VERY pretty colors for only $10. Then, the sister threw in 2 pairs of athletic socks for free. I LOVE free!!! I may just go back and buy more - it's very addicting. Where else can you find anything with cashmere in it for $2?

So, my stocking stuffers (yes, socks as stocking stuffers - it's very post-modern and eclectic) for a few folks are DONE. Yay.


LaRue said...

I love angora/cashmere socks. They are so soft and they do wash up nicely. And they stretch when you shrink them as well.

Not that that has ever happened.

Eric said...

I'd love you forever if you'd contact me to tell me the name of the sock buyer for Target.

My 5-year-old daughter would love you too, since that kind of a contact might end up paying for her college education!

My name is eric. email me at eric at 3011grand dot com.