Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wow, Am I OLD

Today I did something I haven't done in...15 years. I went shopping with a teenager, which I haven't done that since I WAS a teenager. And oh, all the stores I've been missing out on!

First, we went to Abercrombie and Fitch (AF) - a.k.a., the LOUDEST store in the entire world. There are airport runways quieter than this joint. I asked a ridiculously adorable boy clerk (do they only hire cutey-patooties?) if he was going deaf, and he admitted that he feared for his hearing. But they do have decent sales on jeans and tops, ranging from $14.99 to $49.99. Not fabulous prices, but decent.

They have many varieties of the (same) babydoll sweater/cardigan for under $50, which grown-ups can wear (and should wear, very forgiving style, no?), and a small selection of snarky-fun t-shirts. My fave says, "Blondes don't pay cover." Plus, between the boy clerks and the jumbo-tron boy posters everywhere, the eye candy ROCKS.

Then, we checked out American Eagle Outfitters - a.k.a the store trying in vain to rip off AF. They, too, have decent sales, and (in my opinion) a better variety of clothes. Not 20 of the same thing in slightly different variations like AF. The Eagle had some very cute v-neck sweaters in fun, wearable colors for under $39.99, and super-cute, super-short pleated mini skirts, perfect for subversive 20-year-olds.

However, BOTH stores suffer from a surfeit of hoodies and tanks.

We finished up at Bath and Body Works - a.k.a. the SMELLIEST store in the entire world. I wanted to get a whiff of the Velvet Tuberose scent (it's okay, not great), and my partner was happy going anywhere with an unlimited supply of lip gloss for sale. Lucky for her, all their glosses are on sale for 3 for $15.

I ended up buying four 3 oz. sample-size products for only $10 - a face lotion, rose-water cold cream, Fresh Cucumber bodyspray and Quince (!) hand lotion. Which is a fabulous deal, considering the C.O. Bigelow face lotion I got has a regular price of $12.50 (yes, for a sample size). I saved like, $17.50 or something crazy like that. So rad. Or whatever the kids are saying today.


HaC said...

I did a speed-shop at Old Navy yesterday and walked away with a bag full of gems for the bargain price of $44.04. Are you ready? I got two long-sleeved plaid shirts, a chocolate-brown corduroy skirt, a green tee, a coral three-quarter sleeved tunic, a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved thermal shirt for the Blonde One. I have to return the jeans, since they are wax-to-wear and I am not the appropriate demographic for such styles. Once I return them, my total purchase will have cost me $38.07!

LaRue said...

I can't go into the Bath and Body stores. They make me sneeze.

Had a fab time at the North Shore where I found some amazing purchases ($37.00 for an actual suede leather jacket for Big G).

LaRue said...

Actually, I believe American Eagle was selling human clothing long before AF was. AF for a long time sold hunting and camping stuff. Then it got into heroin chic.

The Cheap Chick said...

Heroin chic may be, but such soft cotton! So as not to damage your track marks, perhaps?