Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like You Need A Reason

Get off your collective asses RIGHT NOW and head over to Target. Okay, fine, if you insist on watching the rest of the Thursday night prime time line-up, I guess you can go tomorrow. But here’s what you are missing out on AS WE SPEAK. Or type, I guess.

1. The November issue of Lucky Magazine is in stores. And if you buy it at Target, you automatically save 30 cents, which isn’t that huge of an amount, but still. It’s saving you money on a frivolous item. And yes, I know a subscription to Lucky would be cheaper still, but they take forEVER to arrive in the mail. I’m a big fan of instant gratificaton, you know.

2. All their women’s tights are one dollar off per pair. And for once they have a large enough selection so that I can actually find something in my size that I want. I bought a pair of black fishnets – I have a crazy-bad addiction to fishnets. They are just so naughty secretary, no?

3. This might not excite you so much, but I think it’s fun. The Reach Max toothbrush value pack (two to a pack) is on sale for $3.99, saving you a whole dollar. But the good part is this: one toothbrush is pink and one is blue. His and her toothbrushes! I love it! Now if I could just find someone to use the blue one…
(Actually, I use two toothbrushes at a time. I like to alternate between them. I have absolutely no idea why, I just do. Shut up! Who asked you anyway?)

And while you’re at Target, check out their new fall and winter coats. They have this brown and orange Burberry-esque plaid trench that I am SO buying if it ever gets down to $20. In my size. Which won’t happen, but a girl can dream.

NOTE: Props to HaC for telling me about the tights on sale. Also for pointing out that sooth is actually soothe, and breath is actually breathe (in the context that I was using these words). Sigh. I hate words that should end in e - I never remember when they should or shouldn't. I'm too busy thinking about the hot Australian guy on Moonlight and whether or not CBS is going to cancel the show, cuz it really does suck. Such a waste of Jason Dohring's talents, not to mention the hot Australian guy's face.

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larue said...

All of the summer t-shirts and tanks are on sale at Old Navy for $5 each. They also have fall jackets and swing coats for $19 and less.

I got S and G a pair of pants and 8 shirts for $50.