Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's Like Stealing

As promised, I found a winter jacket for less than $20. In fact, I only paid $14.98. You heard me, $14.98. And no, it's not previously worn, or on clearance, or bought at a discount store, or found on Ebay. This puppy is FULL PRICE, people, from an actual store. Where can you get a coat for the cost of a movie-and-a-soda? Steve and Barry's, of course!

I totally heart Steve and Barry's, and I tend to go on about this amazing happy place endlessly. But now they have knocked me on my big-ass booty right proper. Winter coats for less than $20? At FULL PRICE? WTF?

And there's more - Steve and Barry's is having a SALE. Because, what? Their stuff isn't cheap enough already? A ton of their fall clothes, like cute turtleneck tops and trousers, are 40-50% off. Rendering them less than $10. You are wasting your money if you don't shop here. Seriously.

Shop of the Day? Steve and Barry's. There is one in St. Louis Park, one in Brooklyn Center, one at Northtown Mall, and one in Burnsville. Go NOW.

NOTE: I also checked out the Dear by Amanda Bynes line while I was there. Sooooooo pretty! And CHEAP, natch. Her tops are simple and cute, without being little-girl precious. And the sizing is fairly true to other stores - not skimpy like many inexpensive lines can be. I bought a pair of her dark-rinse skinny jeans for (once again, say it with me now) $14.98. Jeans and coat for under $30 - that is just out of control.


LaRue said...

I am taking G there after she has her teeth pulled out as a treat. And because she needs a winter coat because the little blighter grew AGAIN. Jeez, these kids. No respect for the budget.

LaRue said...

Ok, the trip to the store is the treat. Not the teeth pulling. Sigh.

Commas are your friend.

LaRue said...

Or friends, if one was to be plural.

I think I need to go away now.

Susan said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog! I need to check that store out.

The Cheap Chick said...

One the super-awesome-great things about Steve and Barry's is that the store is FAMILY FRIENDLY. Clothes for the kids (of all ages) and the hubby. And hubby clothes you WANT him to wear; clothes that will make your man look as tasty as George Clooney. Okay, that might be overstating the point, but still.