Thursday, October 25, 2007

Victoria's Be Damned!

As I said earlier, when I first told my friends about my shopping experiment, one of their main concerns was bras. Can you get a decent push-up, breast-enlarging, nipple-hiding bra for less than $20? Well sure you can. At Target, where all good things live.

So while I was buying MORE Gilligan & O'Malley underwear, I wandered into the bra department. In the past, I've been either insanely happy or totally pissed off with Gilligan & O'Malley bras. Sometimes, they rock - they hoist up my boobs, give me almost-cleavage, and are either strapless or possess straps that don't fall down all the time. But in the bad times, their bras either don't fit at all, or compress my already small boobs into non-existance, or my size (never you mind what my size is) is completely sold out.

The constant bonus to Gilligan & O'Malley bras is the price tag - they never go above $19.99, not even the gel-filled ones. So when I found a new style (which is an exact duplica of a previous style that Target discontinued about 2 years ago; what is with these people?) that looked promising, I tried it out. And on the way to the dressing room, I passed the bra clearance rack and THEY ACTUALLY HAD A BRA IN MY SIZE IN A NORMAL COLOR. So I snagged that one, too.

Needless to say, both bras fit perfectly AND they gave me cleavage. Me, cleavage. It's as if God was smiling on me that day.

So now I have two nude bras with straps, one for $10.99 and one for $5.98 on clearance. That's right, I got TWO bras for less than $20. And you wonder why I love Target so much. If they would just stop discontinuing stuff and then bringing it back... it's very stressful for me.

TIP: If your boobs are any bigger than a D, you'll have to go to Victoria's Secret. Gilligan & O'Malley is not made well enough or strong enough to support that kind of boobage. Also, before you buy any bra anywhere, be sure to have a bra fitting. They do free bra fittings at JC Penney and Victoria's Secret. So you'll need to get measured up first, before you go and save big bucks at Target.


Larue said...

Au contraire mon frere. Victoria's has D and DD in SOME sizes. Not all. Larger bras need to be purchased at Cacique (often inside Lane Bryant where they will have FABULOUS sales), Macy's, Nordstroms or JCPenney's.

And you will, sadly, pay more money for extreme over-the-shoulder boulder holders. Unless you get a $10 off coupon from Cacique in the mail. Woot! And also - Cacique doesn't carry anything under a C cup.

The Cheap Chick said...

True, but Vicky's has the most awesome and accurate bra fittings. This is where you, my Larue, got fitted (that was fun, as you have a most spectacular rack). Then you took the knowledge gained at Vicky's to the FAR SUPERIOR Cacique for their most awesome bra selection.

I remember when Cacique DID sell bras in all sizes. Their T-shirt bra was the best. If they still carry it, I highly recommend it.