Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME

Looky looky at what I got! Christmas came early to the Cheap Chick this year, in the form of my Christmas/Birthday present from HaC.

Behold not one but TWO pairs of shoes from
www.cutesyshoes.com. HaC scooped these beauties up for less than $15 per pair. And since she spent $50+ (she bought 3 more pairs for herself – Merry Christmas to her), she got free shipping. God, don’t the savings feel GOOD?

It’s hard to say which pair I like better. The red ones are, well, RED and PEEP-TOE, and have a 5 ½ INCH HEEL. Hello. Plus, the design on the insole and the silver tips on the bows are such gorgeous, fashion-y touches. And since the platform is so high, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable.

But the other pair is PLAID. Not only are these shoes plaid, I think they might be made from MacDonald tartan. And I’M a MacDonald! Coincidence? I think not.

(Okay, they aren’t MacDonald, but still. From distance, it looks like my family tartan. To me. Which is all that really matters.)

The plaid ones are also peep-toe, which is the best thing in shoe design ever, and have such a high heel that I could gain 25 pounds and my legs would still look slim when I wore these shoes. Not that I plan on gaining 25 pounds, but girl likes to have options.

Internet Shop of the Day: Cutesy Shoes. You’ve heard HaC and I mention it a million times before, but now you have photographic proof of how cute their shoes really are.
Tip when shopping the site: When you click on an individual pair of shoes to get a closer look, be sure to click on the pictures shown on that shoe’s information page. You’ll get a MUCH better view of the shoes. Cutesy Shoes’ display pictures are very pixilated, you need the pop-up screen to get a better look.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Cutesy Girl has some great shoes! Thanks for the tip! It's so tempting to go shoe crazy... but I'll refrain. :) I heart a good deal. Your blog is awesome--what a good shopping challenge.

P.S. Sorry for the deleted comment blogger was being lame. :P

The Cheap Chick said...

Blogger can be lame... Bad Blogger, Bad!
Anyhoodles, Cutesy Shoes also runs promos on shipping, so you can get an even BETTER deal!