Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Apropos Of Nothing

I have a tradition here at Cheap Chick Central. Every time I get sick, but not comatose, but still sick enough to stay home, I watch General Hospital. I've been doing this ever since I was a wee Chicklette.

I love GH - they have the best clothes, the best character names, and the cutest boys in soapdom. But I've noticed a trend in my daytime drama that leads me to believe they need to hire a few new writers. After the strike, of course.

Oh God, what will happen to soaps during the writer's strike? Can they re-run soap operas? Has that ever been done? And can they re-run Another World while they're at it?

Sorry about that digression; as I was saying, the bad GH trend. It seems that every time I turn it on (which is about once every other month, whether I'm sick or not) the entire cast is at a party together, and their lives are being threatened by one psycho or another. EVERY TIME. And, invariably, Jason tries to rescue Elizabeth, Sonny tries to rescue Carly, Nicholas tries to be a hero, and some poor minor character gets killed. If you have a bit part on that show and you learn that a party scene is coming up, your days are numbered.

Oh, and Lucky usually gets injured, too. I think they do this so Greg Vaughan can peel off his shirt to have his wounds checked. Which I am ALL FOR.

But seriously, as a plot device, it has gotten a tad old. Anytime you see a GH character in fancy dress, you just KNOW a psycho with a grudge is going to show up to ruin their fun. I know it give the cast a chance to look fabulous, and I know it helps move every relationship along ALL AT ONE TIME, I know it helps pull in ratings during sweeps month, but can't they think of something else? Like a super-bug, or an evil new mob boss!

Oh yeah, they've done that to death, too.


standing still said...

Oh My God. I was having lunch at that time today, and although I watch All My Kids, I've been known to watch GH. And, today I saw for only a few brief minutes what can only be described as the hardest story line to follow. So, I switched to HGTV. But, I so totally know what you're talking about!

Jeanie said...

Thanks so much for the laugh! I needed that today.