Monday, November 5, 2007

The Corrections

So. This pains me to say, but I must. Here goes. I WAS WRONG. Ouch, somebody give me a Band-Aid.

Mr. Movies Monday deal is actually $.99 per movie and most games. That's $.99 for a new release, folks. And not $.99 per night, like at redbox, but $.99 total for 2 or 5 nights, depending on the age of the movie. That is the best deal going at a "touch-and-feel" rental store (i.e. not an online rental program, like Netflicks).

The discount does not include holiday Mondays (like Memorial Day) or "premium" games (whatever those are).

So, in my previous post, when I said it was $1.49 per movie, and at only some of the Mr. Movies locations, was WRONG. I am a bad bad bad Cheap Chick. Sorry.

My earlier post on movie rentals has been changed to reflect the new pricing.

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