Monday, November 5, 2007

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King

(left: Jane, who is gone; Nylon, who is here to stay)

I had a very sad moment this summer when I learned of the demise of my all-time favorite magazine, Jane. I’ve been reading Jane since the late-80’s, when it was called (oh, the lameness) Sassy. Thank God they changed it up to Jane. Carrying around a magazine named Sassy was just humiliating.

Jane/Sassy is no more; the last edition was in August. It wasn’t the best entry in Jane-world, but it WAS their all-nude edition (read it to see what I mean). And now, SOB, it’s all gone.

So what should I read instead, I ask you? Well, I discovered all on my own, with no one’s help, Nylon – my new favorite magazine. It’s hip, funny, and liberal, all without taking itself too seriously. Kinda like Jane, but with a male editor. And they write about inexpensive fashion, which makes this Chick very happy.

You would think, me being frugal and all, that I would now purchase a subscription to Nylon. But see, I just don’t work that way. I need to go to the store and BUY my magazines – that’s what makes them special, like a treat for being good. You know, “you ate vegetables and worked out today, you can buy this week’s Life and Style.” So even though I read Lucky, Allure and now Nylon every month, I do not and will not get a subscription for them. Yes, EVEN THOUGH IT’S CHEAPER.

But I still have found a way to save money with my weird magazine-buying habit. I get them all (except for Nylon, cuz they don’t carry it) at Target. Target gives you an automatic 10% discount on all their magazines. It’s a savings! Albeit a small one compared to just buying a subscription. Look, I’m sure you all have strange compulsions, too. Don’t be all judgy.

Target also gives you discounts on books, too – 20%, 25% and 30%, depending on the book. For example, paperbacks are 25% off the cover price, even if the books aren’t marked with a Target Bookmark sticker. They mark the discount on the price sticker on the back of the book, so you can see your savings. I love to see my savings! It gives me a warm fuzzy.

There you go, yet ANOTHER reason to shop at Target. They really need to start paying me for this blog.


Anonymous said...

You're in luck! I happen to know of several magazines that regularly have "all nude" issue, and best of all they're under $20.

What a country!

Husband of Larue

LaRue said...

Nice husband I have.

Also, I loved Sassy. Sigh.

There is a magazine I saw at Joann's yesterday that had a whole article in it on the best places to buy shoes. I think it was called Shop Smart and is by Consumer Reports Check it out.

And when you get ready to talk about cheap fabric? Let me know, baby! I'm your man! Or woman. Or whatever.

KK said...

I totally remember Sassy! But I did like the name. I like to call my daughter sassy. I'm sad too about Jane (read it on occasion). I'll pick up Nylon and see what I think. I work at a company that throws out magazines on a daily basis so I can get them for "free." It's in quotes because you have to pay a psychological price for going through the garbage and the chance that someone might see you do it.