Friday, November 2, 2007

Dear God, NO!

Larue's husband just sent me the most shocking and horrifying news EVER. There is a recall on Totino's Party Pizza. I repeat, THERE IS A RECALL ON TOTINO'S PARTY PIZZA!!! I may never eat again.

I'm particularly disturbed by this news because, well, I ATE TWO PARTY PIZZAS THIS WEEK. Does this mean I now have E. coli O157:H7? Whatever the hell that is? It sounds unpleasant.

The recall is for pizzas with either pepperoni or sausage on them, in any combination thereof. Fortunately, I only eat the Cheese Totino's Party Pizza, but still. What if the E. coli blah blah blah migrated to my pizza? What if my pizzas were contaminated by the shared machinery? What if my flesh starts to dissolve off my body, like in Cabin Fever, but not as stupidly or pointlessly like in that lame-ass movie? I really do not care for the oeuvre of Eli Roth.

Granted, the outbreak has only been 21 cases, and none of them occured in Minnesota. But I could STILL DIE. Or worse, feel really icky for awhile. I hate being sick.

Today's PSA Announcement: Hold off on buying Totino's Party Pizzas for AT LEAST a fortnight (yes, I said fortnight. Deal). A month would be better. For more information, go to the news report at, or call the company consumer hotline at (800) 949-9055.


LaRue said...

I still can't believe you made me watch that movie. It was the height of lameness. Even that one semi-cute guy biting it didn't help.

And really, what did it teach you? DON'T DRINK THE WATER! They all would have died of dehydration. There was no bottled water in that town. And somehow I do not think that ultimately beer would have helped.

Topic? HAH! We gluten-free people are saved from the e.coli! Hah! Suck on that!

Wow. I am bitter today.

The Cheap Chick said...

Yeah, tiny bit bitter there, you bitter midget. I don't go to YOUR blog and spill my toxic fumes all over YOU. Often. Well, not much.

Sheesh. Anyhoodles, I'm sorry I made you watch Cabin Fever. I was there, suffering along with you.