Friday, November 2, 2007

Time is Running Out

My Sis called this afternoon, in part to commiserate with me about the great Totino recall, but also to ask what the family and I wanted for Christmas. Which reminded me of my own shopping that must get done. Then, of course, I was reminded of my lack of funds for the Christmas shopping, but that's depressing and I'm already sad about the pizzas so I'm just going to ignore my no-money situation. I find ignoring my problems makes them go away.

So how long do I (yes, and everyone else, too) have to shop?

53 DAYS & 10 HOURS

Get crackalackin', y'all. Christmas will be here sooner than you think.

TIP: For those of you plan-y, think-ahead types, remember this: You know those toys you bought at last year's Day After Christmas sale? Make sure they aren't painted and/or from China. Lead-based toys from China also existed in 2006, you know. Score one for the procrastinators!

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