Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Little More Lippy

(left: Lip Inflation, 18 Hour Lip Treatment, and Mary Kay Satin Lips)
A few posts back, I talked about my new favorite nude - my lipstick from Maybelline. But then, I felt guilty for not mentioning some other favorite thrifty lippy finds of mine. All for under $20, of course. Would I steer you wrong? Well, yes, I would and often, but not about lipstick.

I deeply love Sally Hansen's lip improvement line. And whose lips couldn't use a little improvement? Pretty much EVERYONE'S but Angelina Jolie. I know it sounds strange to say "Sally Hansen" and "lips," not "nails" but work with me people. Sally Hansen has products for your lips, face, body, nails, you name it, all available at your drug store and (of course) Target.

I like their Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment for boosting my lips to maximum Angelina fullness. The gloss has ginger and cinnamon in it to irritate and annoy your lips, allowing them to swell up to ginormous dimensions. Most drug stores carry it for $5.99 a tube.

I'm also partial to their 18 Hour Lip Treatment, for only $5.69 a tube. It has Retinol in it, so be careful wearing it in the sun - I recommend using it only in the evening, or overnight to bed. It's hugely moisturizing and anti-aging, to help you avoid that nasty puckered-lined-dried-up look. I (naturally) have it in the nude color, so I can feel sexy when I sleep. Alone.

To exfoliate my lips, I sometimes just use a damp washcloth and rub the bejeezus out of them. But when I want to be more spa-like and less crass, I use Mary Kay's Satin Lips Lip Mask. For $9.50, you get a tube of lovely non-smelly exfoliating cream that you schmear on your lips. After waiting a few moments, moosh your lips together a bit. Then, take a damp washcloth and wipe the cream (gently!) off.

How is this different than just using a plain washcloth and scrubbing away? It's less abrasive and yet more effective at the same time. Plus, it's WAY more elegant than rubbing at your face with a rag. What are we, animals?

NOTE: Please e-mail me if you need a Mary Kay Consultant. HaC is one, so she can totally hook you up with Satin Lips, and any other product you need or want or DEMAND.


standing still said...

You should totally do NaBeautyProductReviewMoPo. This information is excellent.

The Cheap Chick said...

Thank you!!! That was an awesome comment. Best comment on the Blog, right here folks.

Beauty product reviewing DOES sound like fun. Hmmm... maybe for January, when it's cold and icky and we need products to make us happy?