Friday, November 30, 2007

"I Wanted This"

Above is a quote from Boo-Boo, my youngest goddaughter out of four (yes FOUR, I'm a good religious role model. Why are you laughing?). Whenever we go shopping, she'll see something she must have, run up to it and declare, "I wanted this!" Like her parents and I have been denying her this item her WHOLE LIFE. Which has been about 4 years long.

However, I know how she feels. Right now, thanks to Dooce and the Daily Coyote, all I want is a baby coyote to adopt. Don't believe me? Check out and try to deny the cuteness of Charlie. YOU CAN'T. And then you'll want a baby coyote for Christmas, too. Told you so.

One other thing that I've wanted for awhile, and have FINALLY found, is Sunsilk's Winter Care line. They had the shampoo and conditioner at my regular Target, but not the Anti-Static Spray - which, of course, is what I wanted. What to do? Apparently, haul my ass to another Target.

The Target at (MN ALERT!) Roseville is our cities' test store, where they carry all the products they are testing for consumer response before they release them to the rest of the Targets. And, sure enough, they had the Anti-Static Spray, for $3.99 a bottle.

The spray delivers a very short burst of finely-misted, silicone-based stuff to smooth out and calm down your hair. The stuff in the spray is nothing new, although I think it might be lighter than regular silicone sprays, but the delivery system is.

You don't want too much silicone (pay attention Pamela Anderson) because that would make you look filthy and unclean and wrong. You hair would turn out greasy and stringy, not glossy and smooth. But a small amount misted right onto your head is perfect for getting rid of static.

The best part is, since we all carry ginormous purses nowadays, you can bring the bottle along with you and spray whenever you need it. And since such a light amount comes out, you don't have to worry about overdoing it. Which is good for me, as I ascribe to the belief that more is better.

Product Of The Day: Sunsilk’s Winter Care Anti-Static Spray. If they don’t have it at your Target, try another one. Seriously, is going to two Targets in one day a bad thing? No.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I Googled Sunsilk’s Winter Care line, to see if it was available at (it isn’t), and guess what I discovered. ME!!! My blog popped up for the whole world to see! Or, the part of the world looking for the Winter Care line! But still! I feel like a proud mama.


LaRue said...

Actually, we would have made you a godparent as well (making it 6!) but at the time my children were born you were an atheist. I mean, we got the pastor to agree to our Jewish godparent couple, but I think an atheist might have been a bit over the top. But we made up for it, didn't we? You get the kids when I shuffle off this mortal coil? Heh.

And no, I really don't want a coyote (which is really spelled differently from how it sounds). I want a penguin:

Anonymous said...

Must ... resist ... silicone ... joke ...


I once looked into an adopt a monkey thing. It was a total rip off. Apparently, you just got to pay for the monkey and someone else actually got the fun of having the monkey, I think it was a zoo or something. Anyway, I'm skeptical of these do-gooder adoption schemes.

Besides - the coyote would eat your cats.

El Jefe

The Cheap Chick said...

Must... resist... playing-with-monkey... joke... so... difficult...

And Charlie the coyote loves his owner's pet cat. So there.


How did you find out that the Target was the test store???

The Cheap Chick said...

My friend Tiffany told me. I have absolutely NO IDEA how she found out, but apparently she is correct - that Target carries more stuff.
The new Super Target by Southdale has a better selection, too. Plus, it is SOOOOO new and shiny!