Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Important Moisturizer Update

Wow, that is a random and pompous title. And kinda dull, too. But hey! I got info about moisturizers! And if I don't tell you, WHO WILL? That's right, no one.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter - I've written about the Lotion and use it on the daily - now comes in four formulations, instead of the aforementioned three. They still have the Deep Conditioning Lotion (which continues to be fabulous), the Smoothing Body Butter (which is too expensive for a drug store brand, but IS cheaper than Bath and Body Works), and the Vitalizing Gel Body Oil (which is oily). But they have now added a Cream for only $3.99. You can find it at any Target or drug store.

The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Extra Care Cream is enormously moisturizing and very very very very thick. Very. It takes about half a day to rub the stuff in, which can be oddly soothing, if extremely time-consuming. Or, you can put it on your wet skin post shower, and rub it in with a towel. This works well, although it is a bit messy and laundry-inducing.

I also love the Cream for my feet. Just goop on a big gob of the stuff, schmear it in, and put on thick socks. You can sleep like this, or, if you are from Minnesota where we are buried in 5 inches of new snow, you can truck around all day in your thick socks and boots. It's not the cutest look, but it sure beats frostbite.

Product of the Day: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Extra Care Cream (it's also labeled Extra Rich Cream). Perfect for nasty winter skin.

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Larue said...

For those of us with sensitive skin and allergies to fragrance, I would recommend the Fisherman's Friend/Lotion/Whatever it is called by Neutrogena. It is almost like petroleum jelly, and when you smooth it on your hands they will feel a little greasy.

I put it on my hands and feet before I go to bed and they are smooth, and unchapped all winter long. LOVE IT. After all, Fishermen would know, right?

Also, Marti recommended a book by a women called something like, "Don't Go to the Makeup Counter Without Me." Apparently she was in the make-up biz and tells you what products do the job just as well (And cheaper!) then the fancy-shmancy ones.

Stay warm! I know you are SO OVER them, but I will be happily snuggled in my Uggs.