Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Need A Support Group

(The following entry should not be taken as an admission to a real addiction, or as an insult to people in addiction recovery programs. God speed to everyone in the recovery process.)

My name is The Cheap Chick, and I am addicted to sales racks (Hi, Cheap Chick). It’s been 3 days since I’ve scoured a rack. And even though I SWORE not to buy anything for myself until after the holiday season – aside from beauty aids, because those are a necessity – I slipped up on Sunday at Macy’s. Sigh.

Unfortunately, there are no real support groups for my problem. And it is a problem, folks. I absolutely can not pass a sales rack without stopping to peruse it. Ever. Even if I’m shopping at Chuck’s World of Manly Camouflage and Dangerous Gun Accessories, if they have a sales rack, I’m on it out.

There I was, at the Rosedale Mall on Sunday, trying to complete a simple errand – buy a camisole tank top in deep red to wear under my too-low-cut-to-wear-at-a-work-holiday-party black velvet dress. (Speaking of addictions, I’m beginning to fear I have another one in regard to camisole tank tops. Is it normal to have 12 of them? No? Damn.)

I found the tank top I needed at Express for $16.50, which is well within my $20 limit. No problem so far, right? But then I had to walk through Macy’s, pass the sales racks in the Juniors Department, to get to my car.

Okay, that was a lie. The sales racks in the Juniors Department aren’t anywhere NEAR the exit doors at Rosedale. See? I have a problem.

Fine, I made a DETOUR past the sales racks, just to see what was what. And there it was: the most perfect trapeze-style, three-quarter length sleeved jacket in the whole world. In a grey and red glen plaid that matched the tank top I had just bought. Marked down from $70 to $20.70. IT WAS FATE. I had to buy it. Had to. The savings was just too good.

Already you can see the wrongness of my action, no? I bought something unnecessary for myself, AND I spent over $20. I spent $0.70 more than I’m supposed to. 70 WHOLE CENTS. Clearly, I need help.

But I got to tell you, I wore the new jacket (instead of the dress) to my holiday party, and it KILLED. People loved me in it, seriously. But most important, I felt pretty oh-so pretty. And witty. But not gay - not that there’s anything wrong with feeling gay, mind you. I just don’t, as a rule.

After my very-bad transgression, I am now back to the straight and narrow. No more buying stuff that cost more than $20 (even if it is just 70 cents), and no more buying stuff for myself until after Christmas. Sheesh, you’d think I’d be able to make it 20 days. Right?

Shop Of The Day: Macy’s clearance racks. If you can’t find something you want for (almost) $20 or less, you aren’t trying hard enough.


larue said...

For shame.

Tundrababe said...

I love the sales racks. I always head straight to the back of clothing stores, that's usually where they are!

Hey, I know you like Nylon magazine, did you know you can get a free year's subscription from Urban Outfitters? Just go here. Saw it on The Bargainist, a site you would like.

The Cheap Chick said...

Thank you! That is the best magazine (next to Lucky) out there. And you KNOW how I feel about free stuff.

Michelle said...

I think I could be in your support group. I am such a bargain shopper. I can't walk past a clearance rack without taking a look, either. I blame my problem on working in retail for five years. I do try to keep myself in check by asking myself if I really need the item. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't have any room in my closet. :)

The Cheap Chick said...

Another problem I have is that I can always justify the need! "Oh sure, this will match everything in my closet..."

OMG U R my BFF said...

I'm glad you spent the extra 70 cents. There's nothing like that feeling you had at your party. Looking's like walking on air...