Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So, I messed up. I did NOT post yesterday. And I was doing so well with NaBloPoMo! Sigh.

However, I have two very good reasons:
1. I was at the dentist, having my teeth cleaned, and it took 2 1/2 hours. 2 1/2 HOURS. My entire head feels like evil little gnomes have been bashing away at it with miniature sledgehammers.
2. I have cramps. Female unpleasantness for you squeamish types. So my lower extremities feel like those gnomes have migrated south and are using my ovaries for punching bags. Damn gnomes.

I promise I will post about new and exciting beauty products later today and for the rest of the week. But now I most go and dose myself with enough Advil to knock a horse on its ass. Good times.

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