Monday, November 12, 2007

A Real Post! Filled With Cheap Goodness!

I was at a party a few weeks ago, and as I am want to do, I was encouraging more of my friends to read my blog. I'm an attention-whore and need the constant love.

So, I was describing what my blog was about to one lovely individual, when she said to me the words that many women and fashion magazine say. Bear with me as I paraphrase:

"I buy more expensive, classic, well-made items that last forever - which saves you more money than buying a bunch of cheap stuff."

Yeah, this is a nice theory, but in reality it doesn't always play out. Three reasons why:

1. You don't have to spend a ton of money on the classics if you shop frugally. Many of my cheapo finds are extreme mark-downs (75% off anyone?) or bought at a consignment shop. True testimony to the quality of an item? It's already made it through one owner and is more than ready to take on a second.

2. Sorry, classic = aging. Yes, I know, not ALL the time, but it DOES happen. Not that I want you running around in mini-skirts, but take a hard look at your wordrobe. Just because it still fits and is well-made doesn't mean you should still wear it. Pants styles change, shirt styles change, shoulder pads come in and out of fashion. Make sure your classic doesn't make you look like a golden oldie.

3. In women's fashion, more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better made. For example, I have a turtleneck sweater from The Limited, and one from Walmart. They both developed holes at the neckline within one year. But guess which one cost $40, and which cost $9? Yup, you are correct.
I pointed this out to another friend, and she mentioned that the turtlenecks from Land's End last forever. See number 2 for my thoughts on that. And I refuse to spend more than $50 on a sweater, even if it's cashmere. IT'S A SWEATER. Not shoes, not kicky knee-high boots - what is the point then, I ask you???

I am all for buying quality that lasts. But don't think that quality equals stylish, and expensive equals quality. I say, buy what you want. Rules be damned! Throw your shopping caution to the wind! Step into a Walmart and buy a $9 ribbed turtleneck sweater. The holes in the neck are easy to fix.

Cheapo Find: $9.00 ribbed turtlenecks from Walmart. 100% cotton, tons of normal colors, and they don't pill or fade. Nice.


larue said...

I know you hate the nit-pickiness, but I think we are supposed to bear with you "as I paraphrase." Just trying to help!

Also, I still think turtlenecks from Lands End last forever. Particularly since the turtleneck has not really changed shape much, oh, at all in the last 40 years.

That's just me, though!

The Cheap Chick said...

Oh yes they have!!! Do you recall the ones we wore in the 80's - with the repeat patterns all over them in whales or rainbows? They were baggy and unflattering, and adults wore them, too.

The turtlenecks I buy today are form-fitting and ribbed to make my small boobs look bigger. Totally different.

Kelly said...

Oh I so agree with the things you said! I have friends that believe that if you spent more money on it then of course it's better. Huh?! For me...the hunt of the deal is most of the fun! I love finding things that are better quality then what they got (or even the same exact thing) for a MUCH better price! I don't ever check out at an online shop until I've spent a few minutes looking online for a coupon code (which I usually find). There are lots of ways to get extremely high quality items for extreme deals. :D Love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I will support the bride on this one. I have a Barbour jacket that is well over 25 years old for example. It can be good to invest in classics that will give you long term wear.

But you simply can't ignore the fact that there are some real bargains out there. Never taking bargains is a sure recipe for spending too much.

El Jefe

Amy said...

I agree and disagree. How's that for taking a stand! Seriously though - I do think that for certain things it is better to buy high quality and typically more expensive items. I think it sort of depends on your personal style though. I tend to be a very classic dresser so I will spend more money on great pencil skirts, well-cut button-up shirts, fabulous coats, classic pumps and leather handbags. (That said - I try to get many of these on sale or at places like Nordstrom Rack, outlet malls or Opitz). And I will shop at discount stores for more trendy items and items that change style frequently - pants, sweaters, fun shoes, jewelry and accessories). Most of my favorite jewelry cost less than $10!

So I think you are both right. Sort of. ;)