Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shop Til We Dropped (revised 11/15)

My friend, Larue, and I did some major damage at two discount stores this evening - Saver's AND Value Village. We came, we saw, we kicked retail ass.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of the loot I am free to show the world. A couple items are Christmas gifts, so they must remain on the down low, DL for you people who are cooler than I am. So, like, EVERYONE.

A short list of my goodies:
Bass loafers with tassels - cute in a subversive, Republican way. Even though I am a well-behaving Democrat.
Heather grey trousers - they need a new zipper, but I have a friend who will do that for me, for a price of course. That sounds vaguely Sopranos-esque, no?
A cream, shawl-collar cardigan - Isaac for Target, LOVE it. It has the best buttons - very rich-looking.
Two small silver trays - to corral the stuff on my dresser. One has an etching of a cityscape that I SWEAR is Cincinnati, so big ups to my Dad! Who lived in Cincinnati! And was a stockbroker there! I know, you don't particularly care. And really, what does "big ups" mean, anyway?

The rest of the stuff is gifties for deserving friends. You know who you are. Or do you?

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Larue said...

I've dropped, and I can't get up!