Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hits Keep Coming

Here’s the lowdown on just a few of the sales, just the tip of the savings iceberg, going on this week. If you’re paying full price for gifts, you really aren’t trying. Slacker.

Macy’s Best Customer Sale
Now through December 17th.
10 to 15% off with your Savings Pass (print one off online).
OR (not in addition to)
10 to 20% if you use your Macy’s Card.
Excludes their Everyday Value items, which they claim are already priced real low (like there’s no room for improvement).

If you still harbor resentment toward Macy’s for buying out our dearly departed Dayton’s (and then canceling Santa Bear, damn them), you can check out the sales at these two non-traitorous stores:

JCPenney 2-Day Sale
Started yesterday, ends today – Thursday, December 13. So get crackalackin’ y’all.
50 to 60% off selected clothing, shoes, accessories and house wares.
Some items will be as much as 70% off. That’s almost FREE.

Kohl’s The BIGGEST SALE of the Holidays (their all-cap letters, not mine)
Friday, December 14th, 3 PM to Midnight and Saturday, December 15th, 6 AM to 1 PM.
Go here to preview the sale and plan your attack.
You can plan on saving up to 70% storewide. Sheesh, it's like these stores are giving away their stuff.

And last, here is a gift idea I can’t resist. I truly feel the urge to buy someone, ANYONE, one of these things. They are just too cute and shiny to resist:

Target now has Hello Kitty house wares for $19.99!
Mini Water Cooler
Waffle Maker
Fabric Shower Curtain

You could have an entire Hello Kitty house! In sparkly pink and white! Who’s a pretty princess?


Larue said...

I have a Hello Kitty toaster. Does that make me a pretty princess? Or El Jefe for that matter?

The Cheap Chick said...

It definitely makes him pretty. Please be sure to tell him I said that.

Lou said...

what is your favorite cheap cold remedy?

Michelle said...

The JCP sale is worth checking out. I went yesterday and got a sweater for $10 and two funky necklaces $20. Actually, any of their sales rock.

Target has cute Hello Kitty post-its, pens, stationary, and notepads in their dollar zone. Good stocking stuffers.

Anonymous said...

Don't make me bring out the mojo.

BTW - best cure for cold: John Jameson Irish Whiskey. Apply a liberally, for internal use only.

Best of all - this week at Surdyks
Jameson gift set with glasses: $17.89

Just in time for the cold and flu season.

El Jefe

The Cheap Chick said...

Now, I strongly approve of strong drink as a cure for what ails you. And I always approve of Surdyk's - my favorite booze and snack store.

However, if you have two small boys like Lou does, you can't be doing shots in the middle of the day.

I recommend the Target version of Dayquil gel caps. If that doesn't work, try real Sudafed (behind the pharmacist's counter) combined with generic OTC migraine medicine. This combo will keep you awake, and keep your pain and suffering down to a dull roar.

The Material Girl said...

LooLoo swears by the Hello Kitty socks found in Target's dollar zone - she has four pair now (with the first bought for her by The Cheap Chick herself!).

I don't have any desire for Hello Kitty appliances, as I prefer to princess-ify through fabulous high heels and lots of bracelets.

The Material Girl said...

I forgot - Target has the Homedics wrap-around neck massager with heat for only $17.99. I actually bought it for myself and have been using it just about daily. They had other varieties for the same bargain price.