Friday, December 14, 2007

How DO You Do It?

When I was on The Kevyn Burger Show this Monday (heaven forbid I let you all forget that for even a second), we had someone call in about the specifics of my shopping challenge. We didn’t take the call on-air as it didn’t pertain to our discussion, but it did make me ponder the current rules of my experiment. Which led to the creation of even more rules! And revisiting rules! And changing rules! Rules RULE.

More Shopping Rules, Reminder of Rules, and The Changing of a Rule:

Rule Number 13: I have to spend more than $20 on my bills. I would love to pay only $20 a month each for water, electricity, heat and my mortgage, but I don’t think my bill suppliers would understand. Jerks.

Rule Number 14: As with my house, if I need to repair my car, I just have to suck it up and spend more than $20. New tires aren’t free, you know. However, they are very necessary in sustaining The Cheap Chick’s safety on the road.

Reminder of Rule Number 10: The caller Kevyn had when I was on her show (see how I worked that in yet again?) wanted to ask me how much I paid for cable and cell and Internet services. It may interest you to know that The Cheap Chick doesn’t HAVE cable T.V. If I did, I would watch it. To the exclusion of EVERYTHING ELSE I NEED TO DO. Like writing this blog.
As for the Internet and my cell phone, that’s a business expense. Remember, I’m a Realtor, and we all have our cell phones surgically attached to our heads once we get our licenses. Rule Number 10 states that I’m allowed to spend more than $20 on business expenses. Even if I’d rather not. That’s money better spent on shoes.

Revisiting Rule Number 12: This is my rule about travel, and how I can’t spend more than $20 to get from here to there. Which means I have to drive to wherever I’m going, putting only $20 worth of gas in my car per pit stop. Which I did last weekend, when I went to my brother’s house in Chicago. Which resulted in 5 PIT STOPS on the way there and back. Which added up to $100 in gas. Not to mention $8.40 in toll fees on the lovely Illinois Toll Road. So I checked to see how much a round-trip flight would cost. $118. That includes tax. So for $10 more, I can just FLY there. Guess what I’m doing for Christmas?
However, there are things you CAN keep to the $20 limit when you travel, like food and entertainment and shopping. Shoot, Rachel Ray has a whole SHOW about saving money on dining out when you travel. Granted, that woman has a show for everything.

There you have it, all the rules you need to spend $20 or less on everything you buy for one year. Plus, two more reminders that I was on The Kevyn Burger Show. In case you forgot.


Larue said...

Weren't you on some radio show awhile back? I think I forgot.


Also, glad you are spending over $20 on travel. That way you can buy your ticket to Ireland with me! Remember, housing is only $75 a person (for 1-14 days), car and gas is estimated at $50 per person (for anywhere from 1-14 days) and food is on you. So you could make it a very efficient Under $20 trip.

Just sayin'.

The Material Girl said...

Just a public mea culpa...I am the worst friend EVER! The Cheap Chick called me around 11 am that fateful Monday and said, "How did I do?" And her best friend said, "On what?" The Cheap Chick laughed loud and hard. The most pathetic part of my forgetting to listen to my best friend on her radio debut is that I normally listen to FM107, particularly Kevyn Burger's show. Bad, bad, bad friend. Sigh.

Nicole said...

I just found your blog and I am so thrifty, I LOVE a deal. I find so much great stuff at the Thrift stores, it is definetly addicting.

FYI - there is a bus that you can take to Chicago - $25 each way, so $50 round trip. The price goes up as they get full but I found a lot for $25 each way. I believe it is non stop as well. Definetly a bargain.