Friday, December 14, 2007

Cheap But Fab Tip

Quick Gift Tip – What To Give As A Housewarming Gift, If The Recipient Is Moving Into A Home With More Full Bathrooms Than Their Old Home Had:

Certain members of my family, who shall remain anonymous in my vain attempt to NOT reveal the housewarming gift I’m giving them, are moving into a new home with 3 or 4 bathrooms (I can’t remember which). Their current home only has 1 and ½ baths. So they have plenty of toiletries for the one room, BUT NOT THE OTHERS. And guess who will be using one of the other bathrooms come this Christmas time? Exactly, ME.

So, for a fun $20 gift, I’m giving them a “new bathroom” kit – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, and toilet paper – in the brands I know they use. One less thing for them to worry about, right? Plus, nothing says “congrats on your new home” like toilet paper.


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LaRue said...

Ah - decorating the Shitoir. Very thoughtful. You know what else they would probably appreciate?


Also - when are we to see a picture of the young lad?