Saturday, December 15, 2007

How To Be Crafty, When You Lack Skills

Tip Of The Day: Gifts and/or stocking stuffers that have a vague sense of homemade-ness about them.

As I was walking into the Mall (Rosedale, for you first timers) today, I spotted a well-turned-out woman stalking toward me. An EXTREMELY THIN woman, mind you. And as we passed by each other, and sized one another up, I could just SEE the thought bubble appear over her head as she looked my way; “if MY thighs touched like that when I walked, I’d kill myself.”

Now, being thought-mocked by a painfully skinny woman doesn’t sound very made-from-scratch to you, does it? But bear with me. She was wearing a lovely scarf around her scrawny neck, which reminded me of all the lovely scarves my friends and my mother had made by hand for me for gifts. Which, in turn, made me think of homemade gifts. In specific, what kind of homemade gifts could a non-knitting, non-sewing, non-crafty person make?

Can you frame a picture? Hey, some people can’t. But then, some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, either. But if you CAN frame a picture, you can make picture ornaments for everyone you know.

Whose face should you frame? Why not your own? A little self-promotion never hurts. Plus, who’s cuter than you are? NOBODY.

And finding picture frame ornaments couldn’t be easier. Kohl’s has several different 3-pack of frames for $9.99 a pack, on sale from $19.99, located in their tree ornament section. An added benefit of these ornaments – some styles come with little stands attached in the back, so your recipients can stand them on a desk or dresser if they don’t have a tree.

Craft stores like Michael’s also carry frame ornaments packaged singly – and their price drops down to $1 per ornament after December 25th, so you can stock up for next year.

Give the gift of your face this year, and show you care! Best part is, you made it yourself.

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LaRue said...

Ok, not to be technical here, but my parents made my face, and I am assuming yours made your face, and someone in China probably made the frame...

I'm such a killjoy.