Monday, December 24, 2007

No, This Is NOT About Booze

Tip Of The Day: My other favorite beverage – tea. Hot or cold, I love locally made Mrs. Kelly’s Tea. Check out their website at

Tip For Tomorrow: Have a Merry Christmas. No, I insist. The Cheap Chick will be back with more cheap fabulocity on the 27th. Stay safe and stay cheap, y’all.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal:
One of my many, varied, and weird diet tips is to never drink your calories. The only time I drink calorie-laden beverages is when I drink booze. And as we all know, that’s often enough.

So what do I drink when I’m not getting drunk? Well, there’s my daily injection of coffee (black, 4 cups, yes that does explain why I’m so hyper), water to keep me dewy and young-looking (nope, it’s not working, is it), and tea.

I enjoy tea hot or cold, day or night. My only requirement is that it be Mrs. Kelly’s Tea – the very best tea money can buy. And not a lot of money, at that.

Mrs. Kelly’s Teas start at $7.95 for a 3 ounce tin, which will last you about 6 months. If you buy 3 tins, the price drops to the lovely and cheap price of $6.95+ a tin. KEEP IN MIND: This is loose tea. You’ll need to buy a tea strainer, or learn to chew your tea.

They make over 300 hundred flavors of teas, in black, green, oolong, rooibos and herbal. My two faves are Russian Sweet and Holiday Tea, which they only carry in the winter months. I like to stock up on Holiday Tea, as it makes a great gift for discerning (and shlubby) tea drinkers.

For those of you more health and environmentally conscious than I, they do have organic teas. And, like all things organic, they cost more money. But you get to lord your organic-ness over the rest of us. Which can be enjoyable.

I normally buy Mrs. Kelly’s Tea at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market by the Basilica. You can also find it online at Or, if you call first, you can stop by their shop in Nordeast Minneapolis. Their toll-free number is 888-675-7832.

Another cheap tip: buy their tea in bulk – they also sell it in 8 oz. bags. The prices for the 8 oz. bags are $3 to $7 more than the 3 oz. tins (and $11 more for the Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong tea, my favorite tea name EVER), but you get 5 ounces of tea MORE. And as we all know, more is better.

So have a cup of tea! Millions of British folk can't be wrong! It’s got anti-oxidant stuff in it, so it’s good for! Plus, you could probably spike it with booze, if the spirit moves you.


Doc said...

Hey, Cheapbutnoteasy, you need a place on your website, other than in the comment area, where your devoted fans can 1) ask questions and 2) make under $20 recommendations. In the absence of that convenience, here is my questions: If you buy something online for less than $20, but shipping makes it more than $20, does it still count, or is that an ethical violation of your (unofficial and highly fluxitious [that's a neologism meaning "subject to unpredicatable fluctuation]) rules?


Cake [> said...


Cake [>

Lou said...

Hi, S & B wish you a merry christmas, thank you for the pj's. You know my hubby can help with the request from Doc. Let's chat soon. Hope Piglet is good! Thank you for my present - the red number looked fab with my coat!

Anonymous said...

Doc raises some good ideas. Both the recommendations and questions could be seperate sections, but why not just start 3 threads a day -

1. Your column and comments
2. Reader recommedations
3. Questions

Well, maybe the first two. There aren't enough comments (yet) to warrent a 3rd thread just for questions and if there was, a FAQ would probably cover most of them.

Nope I'm thinking just 2.

-El Jefe

The Cheap Chick said...


Look over to ther right side of the blog. Scroll down a bit. No, that's okay, I'll wait.

See where it says to EMAIL ME? Email me your TIPS and FINDS? That's where you EMAIL ME - tips, suggestions, etc. Larue suggested I move it up a bit, so okay, I will.

Yes, shipping counts as part of the $20 dollars. That's listed in the rules, on the very first thing I posted. If you go to the first post, you'll see most of the rules. They are labeled, for your searching convenience, as Bossy Rules.