Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pig-gle It, Just A Little Bit

Tip Of The Day: Buy all your gifts in a theme. I did theme gifts this year for my nephew, Piglet. Can you guess what his theme is? Can you? I’ll give you THREE guesses…

Tip For Tomorrow: My OTHER favorite beverage. One that does NOT include alcohol.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: This year, the very best thing to happen to our family (yes, way better than my television appearance) was the birth of my nephew, Piglet. And one of the very best things about having a new nephew is shopping (cheaply) for him.

The problem is, where do I STOP?

I could (and want to), buy him everything. Clothes? Check. Toys? Check. Trip to Aruba? Checkmate. I had to draw the line somewhere.

To rein myself in, I decided to buy him only pig gifts for Christmas. All the gifts had to be about pigs or imprinted with a pig. My Ma got him a giant stuffed Piglet, so that was out. What else could I get him?

First, I trucked over to Half Priced Books. Why buy babies brand new (re: expensive) books, if all they’re going to do is chew/drool/spit up on them? Get them used books – you can buy more, and you won’t care as much if they get wrecked.

I found Olivia (the pig), Olivia and The Missing Toy, Toot and Puddle (both pigs), and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. Four great books, in great condition, for under $30 TOTAL.

Next stop, the source of all goodness, Target. There I (FINALLY, I’ve been looking since he was BORN) found Classic Pooh and Piglet baby food bowls, which are particularly necessary now since he’s eating baby food. They come 2 to a pack and were less than $7 total.

Last, I hit up Old Navy and my friend Larue. At Old Navy, the toddler clothes were (and continue to be) 50% off selected items. I found him a zip-up polar fleece hoodie, 50% off for only $6.25.

I gave the hoodie to Larue, and using her super-cool Disney embroidery machine, she embroidered Piglet on the front and back. For free. Because she’s good like that, and I’m going to be in debt to her until I DIE.

So there you have it – a Very Piggy Christmas for under $50. Not bad. And we’ll hit Aruba when he’s old enough to swim. Or legally drink.


LaRue said...

Don't worry. El Jefe has you down in the book. Hee.

Merry Christmas to the Pig! Hope he is having a fab holiday. As well as you, your Mom, the Golden Idol, and The Other Sister In Law Meg. (And Pop and C in Omaha.)

I have a few things you can do for me upon your return, to use up some of my goodwill I gave you before the holidays... BWAH HA HA...

Cake [> said...

Piglet. El Jefe is weird and the boss. I wish I could meet the people who interviewed you.

Cake [>