Monday, December 31, 2007

Same Time, Next Year

In the words of the play my beloved Stepmonster is performing (a.k.a. STARRING) in next month, I will see you crazy kids "Same Time, Next Year." If you are interested, tickets are available at the Omaha Playhouse.

In short, I will have the Top Five Reader's Tips for 2007 posted for you tomorrow, which is 2008. Right now, I have to get my poop in a group for me and Ma's New Year's Celebration - which means truckin' down to Surdyks for wine and cheese. Yummy.

Once again, sorry for the delay. Bad blogger, bad.

1 comment:

Larue said...

I loved that movie. Sniffle.

Happy New Years and all that jazz!
(insert jazz hands here)