Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Reason Why Target ROCKS

Tip Of The Day: Test-drive (test-listen? whatever) the mixed music CD’s at Target. Chose from 80’s Power Ballads, 70’s Break-up Songs and a whole lot more. Look for the free-standing kiosk with the CD’s for $8.99 each, located in the music department. Press a button and hear the first few seconds of every song on the CD. Annoy everyone in a 12-foot radius with your dancing.

Tip For Tomorrow: Top Five Reader’s Tips for 2007.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Friday night was a ordinary (i.e. dateless) night for me, so I did what I do when I have no big plans – I went to Target with my friend Larue. Added bonus? We got to bring along (i.e. embarrass) her 10-year-old daughter, The Drama Queen (TDQ).

After boring TDQ by hunting through all the sales racks, we reached Target’s music department, and that’s where I made my VERY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. I found the music-playing kiosk with all the mixed CD’s to preview.

Target’s mixed CD selection is the finest around, I think (and hey, this is my blog, so I’m always right), and they certainly are cheap. A mere $8.99 nets you 17 songs – and good songs at that. My 80’s Power Ballads has High Enough by Damn Yankees, Silent Lucidity by Queensryche, AND Heaven by Warrant. I feel my bangs getting higher and my jeans acid-washing just thinking about it.

Target has been selling these very-fine mixed CD’s for awhile, but usually NOT with the preview-tester-push-the-button thing at the top. These things are usually reserved for the easy-listening CD’s or the Christmas music ones – which are fun, but don’t inspire a dance-off in the aisles.

But now the mixed CD kiosk has its very own preview-tester thingy. There’s a button for every CD, and each time you push it, it play a few seconds of every single song on the CD. Yes, ALL 17 OF THEM. LOUDLY. Oh, happy day!

Needless to say, Larue and I pushed every button on that thing at least twice. We sang along, we danced along (okay, I danced, Larue mostly shrunk away from me in horror), we head-banged (okay, once again, that was me), and we THROUGHLY embarrassed TDQ. Sweet.

I bought the aforementioned Power Ballads, plus the 90’s Dance Mix for my brother (he’s a dancing fool, that one). Larue got the Dance Mix, too, plus the 70’s Funky Mix, which has Let It Whip by Dazz Band on it. I LOVE that song. We pressed that button A LOT.

Stop by Target now and start your own dance party in the aisles. You’ll have a blast – until they kick you out for disturbing the other shoppers with your version of the Running Man.


Larue said...

Nice to know that I'm your go-to gal for boring nights.

As for dancing, I did do a bit of booty-shaking, but you just get so darned enthusiastic about the whole thing. I think I actually held your purse for you several times when your move-busting required more space. And its not like anyone was doing the sprinkler or the Chilean Rainbow there.

But those CDs rock. You promised you would get me the Mix one from your Target. I am holding you to it.

Off to roll my jeans, put Sun-in in my hair, blue eyeshadow on my eyes and wear my v-neck sweater backwards with my Guess jeans.

I am SUCH a rockstar. Yo diggity!

Lou said...

I loved my purple (or was it fusia) Limited V-neck 'backwards' sweater! What a rip off it was - I'm sure it was more than $20.00 at the time.

Amy the Mom said...

I love it-"bangs getting higher" and "jeans acid washing"-literally laughing out loud about that.

Anonymous said...

All ya'll beed to stop harshin on big hair.

El Jefe

The Cheap Chick said...

Larue, I am SO getting you that 80's mixed CD. I owe you big time.

The Material Girl said...

"Sweet." Sigh.

FYI - the Christmas stuff at Target is now 75% off and they have some good loot left. I got LooLoo and BooBoo shirts, pants, pajamas, princess gift sets ($1.49 each - I got four extras for future little girl birthday gifts), and much, much more! I got a set of two dishtowels and some fudge cookie-things for $.99 each. (I am trying to avoid the aforementioned fudge-y goodness as my booty is expanding exponentially, but LooLoo definitely needs the calories, so have at it baby girl!)

Anyhoo, the iPod speakers previously mentioned by The Cheap Chick are for the iPod nano (not just any old iPod), but they are now only $7.50.