Saturday, December 29, 2007

What To Do With That Billy The Big-Mouth Bass

Tip Of The Day: Take that gift and shove it… back to the store from whence it came. It IS the thought that counts, but what also counts is being able to return stuff you don’t want and buy what you do. Top fave returnable stores: Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s and Half Price Books.

Tip For Tomorrow: The most fun thing EVER, available for you today courtesy of Target. Seriously, you gotta try this thingy.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As I stated in an earlier post, aside from the Rainbow Brite doll my Dad accidentally bought me one year, I’ve always received great presents that need no returning. Others among you may not be as fortunate. So I’m here today to tell you what I discovered in my shopping forays yesterday.

Before I begin, note this important point: there is still PLENTY of discount merchandise available in the stores, even four days after the after-Christmas rush. So get shopping this weekend and make those retailers happy!

Kohl’s. If possible (geographically speaking), do your Kohl’s returning at the Roseville store – they have the NICEST customer service staff. For you non-TC residents, just go to any Kohl’s with your receipt and item in hand, get the cash, and spend it at their post-Christmas sale. They’ve got 70% off Christmas stuff and 50 to 60% off a whole bunch of other stuff INCLUDING the Vera Wang clothes. She has some insanely beautiful items, and some of them are now under $20.

Target. Target will also take back your gift with receipt, plus they’ll give you store credit if you don’t have a receipt. Take your credit and spend it on Christmas stuff for next year, which is ALL 50% off, with tons of merchandise still left. By the way, if an item was packaged in Christmas packing, it’s considered Christmas stuff and it, too, is 50% off. For example, they had a $30 IPod speaker system in holiday packaging that you can now purchase for only $15. Nice.

Macy’s. You know the return drill by now, so grab your cash and shop. Macy’s is starting to put all the winter gear on deep sale (40 to 50% off), and their winter fashions are also discounted. Get cute Karen Scott sweaters for only $20. I love sweaters – so cozy and fat-hiding.

Half Price Books: Bring your book (with the price sticker still attached) and the receipt, and they’ll accept the return. Further shopping tip: today is the last day of HPB’s 20% off week-long sale, so you’ll save even MORE on books today.

The best tip for return items is this: be sure the people in your life know EXACTLY what you like and what you want. It’s okay to be opinionated if it helps you get better loot. That way, you won’t have to return a thing.


Larue said...

Actually, Target will only take back 1 item a year that you don't have a receipt to. If YOU purchased the item and have the credit card with you that you purchased it with, they can look up your prior purchases by using the card. But they won't tkae back more than 1 item a year without a receipt. This is true at 2 different Targets I went to.

Also - the thing that people seem to miss is that just because someone gave you something doesn't mean you have to keep it. The amount of stuff I have helped people clear out of their houses that Great Aunt So-and-So gave them that they kept just because she gave it to them is insane.

People who love you don't want you to keep things that you don't like. Seriously.

The Cheap Chick said...

Really? Because I've taken back multiples throughout the year, within the year. Hmmm. Weird. But it's best to have a receipt - otherwise, Ebay may be your only resort. Or, garage sale. But more on those things later!

I agree - get rid of the stuff you don't love anymore and give it to someone who will. That's why Savers and Value Village EXIST.